Lucas – Breaking Through The Barriers Finding Eternal Bliss In Your Heart – 16 October 2012

The change coming and more and more people awakening in this new wave is astonishing to see. Also remarkable is the observation that a group of people still seem to create new or reinforce  their barriers. They have trouble giving in to the feminine site and the vulnerable site of an unconditional loving being.

This makes that people can not shift from the head into the heart. The thinking of being loving or even the best in their class of being meditating, etc., gets in the way of feeling love. For some reason people still keep up their fences and do not give in to surrendering full to the source being and feeling One in unconditional love. Males have problems with this and go into old belief systems, patterns and society conditioned thinking of alleged called being a sissy or  called un- manly  if you express your vulnerable or feminine site.

This feminine site though is very important as we shift now also from the old dominant male into more dominant feminine. Feminine as being the ultimate creator force.  We need to  acknowledge the need of both sides as well balance in both. Balance and oneness – the merging of opposites and uniting is what is to become the being of light we are.  Finding your way into bliss and happiness of feeling the parts as one and feeling this unconditional love unite the  opposites is what you will see.

Try to find your way into your heart. Be gratitude and feel it , not think it. Think about your most blissful experience of being totally free, full of joy, innocent as a child having no polluted heart and mind by patterns,  school, society, your surroundings and stop thinking and feel that feeling.  Be that bliss and feel it resonating and vibrating in your heart.  You have felt and touched you heart and it will be opening as it listens to you newly found state of being.

I would love to see all those females and males still keeping barriers, obstacles and bindings to the 3 D duality in their thinking anchored to release it and go into a feeling modus. You will find your feeling eventually and going into your heart will break those barriers down, will overcome all obstacles, and will unleash you and you will be free. Free to be that what you are and always will be, an unconditional loving light being  that feels the love and can bring that to manifest all with love.

Let eternal bliss be your gift and let your unconditional love from your heart be your gift to manifest all for the better of all.  All will change for you and it will bring change outside of you.  Get a taste of the new paradigm and go built bridges and no more roadblocks or fences.

Love and Light,


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