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Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour UK – Steve Taylor – Ego Madness : Can It Be Healed? – 16 October 2012

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Ron Van Dyke – Global Protests Yesterday & I Was Unaware – 16 October 2012

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John Ward – Euroblown – Oh Look, It’s A Greek Compromise – 16 October 2012

After applying leeches to the patient for two years, Berlin-am-Brussels finally admits it was all just a drugs trial. The Slog was right all along.

Time alone will tell us how much notice is taken of this, but towards the close of yesterday this little addition was being made to reports around the world in relation to the Spanish bailout:

‘reports suggest that packages are also being prepared for Greece and Cyprus’. Continue reading

Chrystia Freeland – The Self-Destruction Of The 1 Percent – 16 October 2012

Artist Leandro Bassano  ~ 17th-century Venice, with a view of the banks of the Grand Canal and the Doge’s Palace

OPINION ~ In the early 14th century, Venice was one of the richest cities in Europe. At the heart of its economy was the colleganza, a basic form of joint-stock company created to finance a single trade expedition. The brilliance of the colleganza was that it opened the economy to new entrants, allowing risk-taking entrepreneurs to share in the financial upside with the established businessmen who financed their merchant voyages. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Don’t Celebrate Yet, But A Grassroots Victory Against GMO Deception Is Now Inevitable – 16 October 2012

GMO(NaturalNews) The battle against genetically modified organisms being secretly engineered into our foods now has only one possible outcome: Victory for the People… and defeat of the corporate quack scientists and the outrageously dishonest and sinister biotech industry that has shoved GMO down our throats for a decade or more. Continue reading

Sky Angelflyer – My Heart – 16 October 2012

My Heart
Saw my Heart sitting ‘pon a throne
of roses in my mystical garden.
so beauty-full and bright with radiance pure Light
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Christine Hoeflich – Trusting Your Inner Guidance – What I Learned In The Last Decade – 16 October 2012

In my last article I discussed that when you trust and follow through with your inner guidance, projects become easier to successfully complete. In that article, I also mentioned how my inner guidance had changed over the years, becoming less conspicuous and more subtle.

I understand why the guidance I receive now is more subtle. It’s because several years of recognizing, trusting and following through with my inner guidance in the moment (and the amazing and favorable synchronicities and new insights that occurred as a result) have gotten me to a place where I no longer need “clear signs from the Universe” to point me in the right direction. Let me explain. Continue reading