Watch 2 Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State – 16 October 2012

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Welcome to America! Exactly when did she become a police state?
“We don’t need any grounds. We’re the United States” “Pulling away from us when we grab you is assault” BY WHOM? Accused of “making threats”. Listen again & see if you hear a threat. Exactly what had he done BEFORE he was arrested? You are either free to go, or you are UNDER ARREST. NOTHING IS IN BETWEEN. Taking car keys means NOT free to go. If you are insulted, falsley accused, threatened, assaulted, what would your mood be? These jack boots understand the climate they create with such REPREHENSIBLE behavior! Then they JUDGE YOU on how polite you are? While millions pour across Mexican border ILLEGALLY, Canadians must beware of attempting to LEGALLY go shopping in the US?
You hear the officer admit that HE recorded. In a free country a person arrested has a right to demand the evidence. Still true EVEN in US.
The criminal asks: “How did you catch us?”
The victim asks “How many times has this gone unpunished?” GOOGLE TARGETFREEDOM “Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths” Psychological testing is being used to locate & hire sociopathics rather than to REJECT THEM. People who ought to be in prisons and mental institutions are being given gun & badge. He was asked what specific stores he planned to visit in mall. Truthful answer was “I don’t know”. He answered the question truthfully.
The supervisor should be asked:
Does the big chip on your officer’s shoulder substitute for not having a brain?
Nazi’s told Jews. Be polite, do exactly as you’re told & everything will be fine. We wonder how many polite terrorists got by while harassing this guy who just wanted to spend money in US.
Border Patrol claims they catch 3 terrorists a day. Is that because they call a couple who just want to go shopping terrorists? Or are the real terrorists wearing badges, & guns, & pulling peaceful shoppers out of their cars to put them into jail. Of course they see each other everyday.
GOOGLE these:
TARGETFREEDOM “FBI says paying for your morning coffee with cash a potential terrorist activity”
TARGETFREEDOM “suspicious activity reporting guidelines”
TARGETFREEDOM “Combine FBI Terrorist suspicious activity guidelines with NDAA”
Should tourists go to jail for not bowing to arrogant border guards?
Do we you feel safer that we are being protected from Canadian tourists who travel with their wives? But who will protect us from our protectors? People who are not citizens also have the “unalienable” rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Of course, any innocent person will be upset, when they are unlawfully arrested. An emotional response is predictable, & the storm troopers ARE aware of this. That emotional response was then used to justify the arrest.
People think that they should have just turned back.
You do not have the choice of going back at that point. When you cross the bridge over Niagara River you reach American side in a one way lane. You cannot turn around without getting past the Gestapo. Also notice that the first thing that they did was to take his car keys making it impossible to leave. THEY KNOW THIS & THEY TREAT YOU LIKE A TRAPPED RABBIT.
This is creation of WORLD tyranny by globalists at the UN. The jackboot admits this when he says “You are in an INTERNATIONAL inspection station.There is a UN flag in center of that bridge. UN ultimately TRIES TO USURP TYRANICAL POWER over the whole world including inside of EVERY country.
WE ARE INTERESTED IN COMMENTS FROM OFFICERS WHO DID THIS. SO FAR THEIR SILENCE HAS BEEN DEAFENING. Somehow we see people claiming that they are not law enforcement, but speaking on behalf of the jackboots. Yet the jackboots who did this will not comment, or at least they will not admit who they are, when they comment. Are not free people ALSO entitled to a straight answer? Or are they just saying “Does it matter?”Everyone should check out the OATHKEEPERS. Organizing police and military & teaching adherance to their oath of office: To support and defend the constitution. If police and military will refuse to obey illegal orders, then the dictator is screwed. GOOGLE TARGETFREEDOM “What would happen if the elitists were to kill Ron Paul?”
public servants duty 1s “to protect and serve” not “kiss my butt or go to jail”. What does it mean when we must be so careful what we say to our government? People are conditioned to accept police intimidation. Its not society built on public servants working for us. Condoning this police behavior results from brainwashing to fear government. Tyrants should fear the people. Read The “Police State” Special Edition Issue of The New American magazine.


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