Suzanne Spooner – Peace & Portals – Suzanne and Archangel Michael – 17 October 2012

To my readers; I have been quiet on my blog for a few weeks while I visit my son who is studying in Italy. Tonight in some quiet time, I sat to receive this message from Archangel Michael. As I walk around the ancient city of Rome, I can feel the vibrations of all of the era’s and the beauty and the dogma of religion. This message was a wonderful reminder of how to simply Be. This picture was taken in Lucca, Italy in a small palace and is Archangel Michael defeating evil. It was created between the 8th & 9th centuries.

[Hello Michael.] Hi Suzy, my topic today is peace and portals. On the Earth are places where portals can be accessed with ease. These portals are gateways to dimensions outside of yours. But one does not need to live by or to visit a portal location to experience the freedom a portal provides.

Anyone can have this experience in any location by projecting a feeling of peace. In the vibration of peace, one transcends the human experience and is open to universal knowing of love. Experiencing this, will open portals to your true self. In your day to day existence it is easy to forget how truly multidimensional you are. Letting your self experience these other parts of you, allows the true nature of the cosmos shine through each and every one of you.

Just as you are in Rome now to visit your son, you are there to also remember your past experiences in other lives there, to anchor the energy of light in a place that will transform quickly with the shift and connect with people through the eyes to charge one another. Your purposes for being in this ancient land are many. The purposes for everyone are multiple, just like this. A human is so much more than they give credit for.

Be in this place of peace often in your day and when you drift off to sleep. In your sleep, your true self is in charge and you are all doing miraculous work. Provide yourself, in the waking state, with a portal to experience the ease of life you seek. It is there right before your third eye.

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