Visionkeeper – Changes… – 17 October 2012


Most of the fall leaves of magic colors have fallen from their branches leaving them bare or with just a few stray brown or yellow ones clinging ’til the end. The change of seasons is upon us and the change of humanity as well. The clock is ticking quietly and the tensions rise in the air like hairs standing on ones arms. Yes, we can feel it approaching, the smell of freedom lies thick in the foggy mist.

I feel no fear in this change that is creeping forward. So many out there are speaking such fear thoughts about what the dark ones have planned for us, but I do not feel that at all. I have a certain calm that rests within that says we have already won the battle. We may not know it yet, but the level of awareness has reached its pinnacle and we have tipped over into the shift in consciousness that was required for this journey to succeed. I can feel the lightness in the air and upon my shoulders. The weight has been steadily lifting and now it leaves one feeling as if they are floating at times.

I am questioning how severe the chaos will become when the economy tanks and the value of the dollar is almost worthless. It will be easy for many to panic but we must remember if we no longer have money, 99% of the rest of the people no longer have money as well. This is what we must remember about the oneness, not only in times of good but bad as well, for if we are all free and happy in the oneness we can also be broke together as well. We are never alone in what we are experiencing. But with that said I am wondering if we have not surpassed the needed awakened consciousness and as a result the turmoil will be lessened. It stands to reason. We must keep trying to always see the bigger picture for therein lies the truth. We need to step out of the tiny boxes we are in and see what more the world has to offer than what the television tells we have!

I keep trying to pinpoint the changes I am experiencing but I have no words really to describe them. Lightness is the only word I can come up with. It seemed so heavy before and there was so much insanity to deal with day in and day out, but now that heaviness has lifted. Things may still be insane in the dark world, but the light is getting lighter regardless. Hearts are beating brightly in unison and the love is flowing forth. That hard edge to life has softened and rounded about the edges. I am sure many don’t even realize let alone understand what is happening, but happen it is. The world is no longer as it was and can never go back to where it came from, we are new and we are expanding outward.

We must keep holding the vision of the new world in our sights and not forget it! It is waiting for us to release it into being. My post the other day about the importance of making ourselves happy and getting beyond the lie that it is selfish to do so is a huge part of what we are doing right now. If we are not happy we cannot envision a bright and happy new world and if we can’t do that then the energy of one cannot manifest it! Happiness it turns out seems to be the key unlocking all the doors we have not been able to open before. We must make time to create happiness within ourselves and let it radiate out to those around us. It will join with others energy and expand outward and manifesting can begin.

Life right now is a bit like looking at a blurry photograph. You get the idea of what you are seeing but cannot bring it into focus and clarity. Our happiness I believe is what is needed to fine tune the picture and bring it into focus for us all. Happiness is required to do so many tasks and we have been trying to do them without it. Finding happiness within is finally finding ourselves and more importantly saying we are worth it, we matter! We haven’t felt we mattered and if we don’t matter how can we manifest our desires. This happiness thing seems to cascade down into every facet of what we are trying to accomplish. I say we take our energy and focus it there where it is most needed. Stop trying to awaken others whose timing may be months, years or even lifetimes away. Use the energy to make your life happy and it will spread and explode into the very thing we are longing for. The shift into the new world and the freedom to be who we desire to be!

Blessings to you all,

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