Bill Ballard And Lucas – It Is Happening People! – 19 October 2012

It IS Happening People!

Please join a myriad of US as ONE BEING in a unified focused manifestation Intent and Invocation This Sunday 10-21-12 to Shift Our Planet and the Collective of Humanity upon her.
Please share this message with all.


Bill Ballard

And Light and Love,


Please join Us as ONE BEING for a Global Focused Intent Event 10-21-12

World Focus on Unity and Love on Oct. 21, 2012

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Some other choice messages out today:

Melchizedek ~~ The innovations within yourself, are unfolding your Master being ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

by XdavidRananda Spears on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 12:12pm ·
Each of the higher chakras; Heart; Throat and Third Eye, have a higher aspect. These are;- Higher Heart; Higher Throat and Fourth Eye chakras
The first of these to be opened is your Higher Heart chakra. This chakra is located behind your upper breastbone, and is centred on your Thymus Gland. It’s colours are Pearly-Pink and Gold. It is opened through compassion and unconditional love for others, which is usually expressed through engaging in some sort of healing of others for free.
The opening of Higher Heart is the important first step into your spiritual power. With it’s opening, you enter into The Ray Of Divine Love, which is Pink. This is the first Ray in “The Trinity Of Oneness”; – one of the two `pillars’ that support your Divine Power.
At this point, you may believe that “All you need is Love”, or that “Love is the answer to everything”;- but you cannot manifest your Divine Power through Love alone. That would be like trying to conceive a child with the help of only one one parent.
The other `parent’ is Divine Wisdom, and you can enter that Ray through opening your Fourth Eye chakra. This chakra is located at the back of your head, at the top, and it’s colour is Indigo-Blue and Gold. It is opened by establishing contact with your Higher Self, whose seat is at your Higher Crown chakra.
Your Higher Self (“Father”) is the collective consciousness of all of your past life Soul aspects, and is your window into Spirit. You can open a dialogue with Him by asking Him, just before sleep;- “Father, please tell me in my dream, what I most need to know right now.”– then record your dreams in your journal. You can also do this in meditation.
After a while, when you have established this channel of communication, Father will come through to you without having to be asked each time.  Divine Wisdom flows into your awareness from Father, and you have now entered The Ray Of Divine Wisdom, which is Blue; and your Fourth Eye chakra has opened.
Through your Third Eye, you can see in 4D (The Astral), but through your Fourth Eye, you can see in 5D;- you are 5D aware, and can see in The Light Of Christ Consciousness.
When your Ray Of Divine Love and your Ray Of Divine Wisdom are in balance with each other, the compassion for others that you feel through your open Higher Heart, prompts you to help those that aspire to reach where you are, to do so.
At this point of balance, your Third Ray of Divine Power is maximised. This Ray is Gold, which is one of the colours (with Violet) of Christ Consciousness. The colour Violet is the mixture of the Pink and Blue Rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, which are the two `pillars’ that support your (Gold) Divine Power. These three Rays comprise “The Trinity Of Oneness”, which is the same thing as “The Threefold Flame”.
You have now come into your Divine Power,  which you express through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is through the third of the Higher Chakras; Higher Throat, that you express your Divine Power. This chakra is about Divine Self-expression, and it is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull, and is coloured Aquamarine and Gold. As you channel the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Self to others, this chakra opens.
All of these three Higher chakras work together to manifest Spirit in materiality. Our compassion at Higher Heart urges us to channel the Divine Wisdom of our Higher Self, that we `see’ through our Fourth Eye, to others, via  the Divine Self-expressiion of our Higher Throat chakra.
At this point you have connected up into your Higher Crown chakra, a hand’s length above your Crown, and have united in Oneness with your Higher Self. You have come into your power as a Christ Conscious Soul, and you wield that power with Love and Wisdom.
From “Father” via Rananda, on 18th October 2012.
Love and Light from Rananda. X

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