Lias Gawlas – The New Currency Of Our Field Of Dreams Is In The Emotional Desire. Where Are Your Banking? – 19 October 2012

I remember one of the first questions my mentor asked me as we were talking about my meditations and how insanely often I do meditation.  Ya know, one of those haunting questions that never leaves (especially since he never gave me any sort of answer to it.)  He asked me “Do you realize the enormity of what you are doing?”  I think even then, there was no way he could tell me, it would have been way to much and light years above my consciousness comprehension.

As I was waking up today, I am not even sure how to explain it, but maybe like I had all these audible feelings, as if spirit was infusing me with the feelings of knowing something more grand than even our greatest imagined desire could hold.  A feeling, like gifts were already on their way.  As I drug myself into fuller consciousness I had a crossed feeling between it being Christmas or October 19th… the two feeling very much like one and the same energy.   I really wish I could remember/understand the audible part of the feelings.  But alas, the words are now like blurry words on a piece of paper and I cannot make them out to save my life!!

There are two things that really stick out this morning from yesterdays day of readings.  I pray I can share clearly these two very important details upon our life and our energy field.

Our energy field is in the midst of becoming “concentrated.”  If you can imagine, we have come out of the 3 and 4D stage of life as a really really large stage.  So large that time seemed to go on and on.  You could have an emotionally charged thought today, and have it manifest 2 years from now… if it manifested at all.  Often times, the emotion would lose its charge as it traveled outwards because the person would give up hope of that emotionally desired outcome.

We have indeed been contracting that space and time thingie for a while.  The rate of speed had gone from 2 years to a year and a half then to a year, then to a few months…

The way I had seen it in readings yesterday and even moreso today is what was once hundreds of miles wide, is now several inches.  The wave of desire sent out has not changed so much, but it is changing now.  Together, we had solidified the inner world, the new world, where energy and desire can live wildly unencumbered together as one quickly created field.  Knowing that all desire originates from with the host human that means the first and direct sense of concentrated energy has to start within the body.  If you can image the walls (which is really a bad word to use… but, I think you can get a good visual by the use of walls.  Let me just clarify walls are not restrictive in this example, but rather, the vibrational field that changes desire into reality/created matter.

The intense headaches, migraines, burst blood vessels (as in my eye,) the unbearably stiff necks and/or backs and so much more… all severing to change the waves of desire to meet the concentrated field of your life stage.  We are all feeling the reverberation of this intense and final stage of change within our biology.  I have a feeling the creator of the likes of “I Dream of Jeanie” as well as “Bewitched” really caught a glimpse of what we were becoming even back then!!

And Here we are!!  Instead of growing pains, we are now enduring concentration pains!!  This too shall pass, errr, become adjusted to (smile.)  The corset is being strung up… yup, even within men!!

Ohhhhh…. and the energy of the Divine Counterparts are already out in the airwaves, singing to each other… finding each other!!  Exploring the potential of each other.  It seems, November is gearing up to be much more than liquid energy (that is how I see November for now)… but I go back to the thing that has been a part of my mind/heart/desire for a lonnngggg time “The Liquid Light of Sex.”   Yummmmmyyyyyyyyy!!

It is kinda funny how incredibly powerful a memory is.  The charge, the wonder of a shared moment with another.  I was in a reading with a most incredibly lady sharing her moments with a divine heart connection she had made recently (thru the wonderful gift we call the internet) and as she started to remember an exchange of energy, of intimately with her (not yet met in person) divine counterpart and I could see the energy change in her… like a light bulb glowing brighter and brighter with each remember moment… and then she blew me (literally) off the internet.  We were in skype… and my modem went down for the count.  I laughed my ass off as I reset the modem, waited for it to reboot and reconnected with her.  If this can happen from a memory of a shared intimate moment via the internet with another… imagine what will happen it happens in person!!

Watch out power grids!!!

There is indeed magic in the air, and that magic is coming from you.

As I just got off the phone with my first reading of today… there is no doubt a synchronicitic relationship as I pondered the many aspects of information sitting within me, as what would serve this day in its fullness to share.  Thank you to my lovely lady in Singapore… I now know!!

I think the best way to share this, is using the metaphor of Christmas… especially since it was so present when I woke up this morning.

I loved Christmas most especially when my children were small, they all believed in Santa Clause and they would hand me their Christmas list of heart desires to give to Santa.  In this analogy, we are both the child and Santa.  I think as much as I loved Christmas morning itself, I loved the lead up to it.  Going shopping and getting my children’s desires (especially when it was on sale… extra perk of fulfillment )   It was the only time shopping was a pure joy.

If you can imagine right now… we are in that Christmas season, our list of desires placed within our hearts and the Santa within all of us is creating the magic of desires fulfilled.

We have now all the energy (for me, back then, the energy was really money lol) in our collective storehouses and/or bank accounts… and ready for use.  Keep in mind, this energy supply is never ending and constantly replenishing itself.

What we are learning/re-membering right now is how to use this currency within us to create the list of desires in our hearts.  A dollar or euro no longer looks the same, but it is the combination of energy (thinking again, dollars and change) and we are figuring out exactly what combination we have to use to get our desires together and into our created reality.

Think of this new currency as emotions.  Love, Joy, Ecstasy, Reverence, Laughter all a currency of creation.

Even as I type this I am getting a slight warning… there is a way to deplete this energy system and that is by thinking of only yourself (small s there.)  The ego is using as much of this currency as the heart.   An example that is being shared right now is something like an inner statement that says “I want this, but I am not willing to  doing that.”   Only the ego puts restrictions on the fulfilment of desires… and right now, we are learning what it all means to us…. instantly.

On that note, I shall wish you an enlightening shopping experience!!  See you in the stores of unlimited potential!!


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