Linda Robinson – Message From The Hathors – The Enduring Power Of Love – 19 October 2012

ImageGreetings Beloved Ones,

We are the Hathors, and we come to you in love.  This is a time of preparation of Self for the final upcoming events of 2012 and the heralding of 2013.  Alignment of purpose with a heart-centered focus will help you gain the greatest advances for Self and for those around you during this important time. 

Each thought and each action need to be infused with the power of love for the greatest benefit.  Each time you focus on your heart center and the love within, you infuse your entire Being with love.  This love permeates every part of your Being, and its power and radiance will grow with your continued focus and attention.  With your continued focus on love, your vibration will increase to a higher level, for love carries the highest vibration.  It can override all other vibrations when it is held with focused intent.

As your radiance of love grows stronger, it spreads to all around you.  Indeed, it spreads beyond the scope of your immediate surroundings to the planet, the Universe and beyond.  Beloveds, you are very powerful, and the power of your love that you send is a gift to all.

Spending dedicated time on this focus can help you advance on your heart-centered path.  Gathering in groups to meditate and do heart-centered activities adds extra energy, for the combined total of energy is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  Each person brings unique characteristics to the group, and the blend of these characteristics forms a total energy of love that is very powerful.  The power of one is multiplied exponentially when it is combined with that of others.  This energy is magnified when a group comes together in a power spot on your Earth, for the energies of the geological characteristics amplify what you are sending forth.

Gathering in a group in a power spot benefits all who are present as well as those who are in this and other dimensions.  Your planet Earth also receives much benefit from your loving energy.  This loving energy also radiates out to your universe and other galaxies beyond.  All forms of energy, whether it is human, plant, mineral, animal, or other form, will receive your love when it is sent for the highest good.  When you remain focused on love with the intent for highest good, this is one of the greatest gifts you can offer.

Beloveds, we encourage you to heed the call to action to focus on love in these coming times.

Know that you are greatly loved.

We are the Hathors,

…and we surround you with love.

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2 responses to “Linda Robinson – Message From The Hathors – The Enduring Power Of Love – 19 October 2012

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful information! Its so true!! I love you and every other being in this whole universe!
    Many Blessing ❤

  2. Excellent Post, Lucas!…11 Stars!!