Sandi Dolinar – Are We Ready Fo The New Age? – 19 October 2012

Are we ready for the New Age?By Sandi Dolinar

Sometimes we find ourselves in a blind alley mostly because we don’t listen to our inner self. But what does that mean? The inner self  is the personified inner essence of our existence and it represents our inner mind, which is activated when we look inside ourselves and look for solutions to certain problems within us. For when we lean on other people, such solutions are always questionable.

We should try to find within ourselves the power necessary for us to look within and find our own truth inside ourselves. But what is truth? It is the path eluding us when we don’t take care of ourselves, but deal mostly with others and so forget about ourselves and our path or truth. Our truth is our path, liberating us from burdens of our past and showing us the way to a better tomorrow.

When we are able to distinguish between our way and the ways of other people, we are already on the path of truth, setting us free from everything we no longer want in our lives. Inner peace gives us the courage to stand up for ourselves, for when we find our inner calmness, we are strong on the outside as well, and inner peace frees us from all uneasein our minds and places us on the path of inner wisdom, setting us into the centre of our own activities.

Whenever we ask ourselves about our mission in this life, we should look inward, into our own consciousness. Our soul is sending us all the information we want through our feelings, but if we are focused outwardly, there is a great number of disruptive factors, distracting us from recognizing the feelings of our soul.

The soul is a very subtle energy, encompassing all knowledge, feelings, love and comprehension of life itself, and it directs us on the way of wisdom towards the final goal. The soul’s final goal is oneness with everything that exists, and the soul is aware of oneness due to its Divine origin. When we separate ourselves from others due to low emotions, we cannot find love within us, but only what distances us from our true selves.

Love always puts us on the path of truth when we feel it in our hearts. When we act with the higher good in mind, the welfare of relationships based on selfishness moves away from us, and when we surrender to the Divine guidance inside ourselves, a door to inner well-being opens, connecting us with God. God is trying to send into our lives all the tests which liberate us from old injustices and open wounds, for when we accept our true inner self, the prosperity of interpersonal relationships is slipping out of our hands only when we don’t know how to stand up for ourselves and make other people aware of the border between good and bad.

In reality, division between good and bad distances us from love, because all is good when we accept that in our hearts and we take care of others even when it isn’t necessary. God’s power is omnipresent within us, and it gives us the strength and courage to overcome all inner obstacles on our path inwards in difficult moments. When we look inward, inside ourselves, our inner mind shows us the way of wisdom, necessary for us to learn to stand up for ourselves and find all the power given to us by God. God is the one who looks after us when we trust and surrender to our inner feelings of life’s beauty, for life itself places us on the path of truth when we feel it in our hearts.

The heart is an organ getting strength from our inner attitude to life itself, and it receives its inner strength from our wisdom on the way of overcoming our everyday struggles and problems. We shouldn’t weaken it with our fears and by living in the past; let’s move forward, into a new age of interpersonal relationships which is approaching us irrepressibly, but will provide us with results we desire in our hearts only with the assumption of our relationships. The new age is arriving irrevocably and spreading its consciousness, but because we aren’t ready for it yet, it withdraws from our everyday lives; until we recognize our inner values, we cannot draw on its inner power.

The new age energy is God’s blessing of new times, bringing us peace and prosperity in our minds and our hearts, and offering a just system we all desire in our hearts. But we shouldn’t forget about ourselves, about our immersion in the past and inseparability from old patterns and everything which isn’t in correspondence with the approaching new age, because the prosperity of good interpersonal relationships will be coming only to those who will have mastered their minds and accepted their true inner selves.  Others will have to wait for better days.

Only when a critical mass of people wanting a change in their hearts is reached will the approaching changes of the new era arrive.  The difference will be felt by those of us who surrender to God’s will. God is sending us all the love he has, but if we don’t allow it into our hearts, it is lost in the space of unsettled inner thinking. When we don’t act from our hearts and with belief in ourselves and the rightness of our views, we are moving away from God’s hand of justice, providing order and peace on Earth.

So let’s focus on ourselves and look within us for the power to set us free from inner injustices and old conflicts, and let’s step on the path of love, for when we accept ourselves deep inside our hearts, the image of God is no longer unfamiliar to us. Let’s abandon the ways of greed and inner restlessness, and we shall find ourselves on the right path, the path of new age in our hearts, opening all doors of inner wisdom and interpersonal well-being.

At the moment, God is deciding on the expedience of the new age, because if we aren’t ready for it yet, if we cannot forgive and accept ourselves in our new image, what good is the new age if we cannot even respect the old one and we continue to shut ourselves away in our own circle of energies instead of opening up to God’s love within us, which gives us the power and courage to make the inner changes, essential for our inner transformation.

Let’s try to be better than ever, because in each and every one of us the destiny of all mankind is being shaped. It will take a little over a billion people, who will have become conscious of their inner power, for God to decide and send the new age energy to everyone who wants it in their heart today, but tomorrow it may not be sent if we don’t convert within ourselves.

Everyone deserves what they get in their package of inner restlessness, because we create chaos inside our heads when we don’t sever ties with the past and we put other people first in our hearts. It is us who should come first, because we need to create order inside ourselves and put ourselves and love of self first, and find within us the peace and courage, encouraging us on our journey of self-discovery and liberating us from all injustice of inner restlessness.


About the Author

Mr Sandi Dolinar has taught meditation classes in Kranj, Slovenia for the past 11 years. Every week 250 to 300 people from all parts of the country participate in the classes. He has written over 60 articles so far and last year he published his book God’s Path to Enlightenment (Bozja Pot Razsvetljenja), describing his unusual life journey and numerous spiritual gifts he receive over a decade ago. In his articles and the book he reveals in detail the workings of the highest spiritual energies and laws governing the spiritual world. link to original article

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