Sharon Taphorn – You Are Worthy – 19 October 2012

You are worthy

Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways. You are a beautiful and loving being of creator light and nothing can ever take away from that. You are protected and guided through the mountains and valleys of your life. You are never alone and we are always with you. It is when you believe this with every fibre of your being that you will create the journey of your dreams. Let us lend you are strength and our courage at any time you are making life changes.

Use affirmations to help you create the belief system that matches your desires. At any time you should notice your thoughts or words saying anything that is not supportive and positive, repeat your affirmations or mantras to help you keep focused and on task. Take the action steps you feel guided and trust that they are exactly the right ones you should take. Ask for guidance and move forward fearlessly, knowing that you are indeed deserving of all things.

Affirmation: “I deserve to live a life filled with love, peace and prosperity, I am worthy.”

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

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All rights reserved. Let there be peace in your heart

Love unconditionally

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