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The Spirit Of The Unity Project – 20 October 2012

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Build a “Peaceful, United and Free World” with us on Facebook: “The Unity Project,” or at http://www.unityproject.org.

Back at Te Cwao, this elder is Lira, Uganda captures in one minute the spirit of the Unity Project.


Visionkeeper – Slow Down And Simplify… – 20 October 2012

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Things are speeding up and the time lines are merging even more now, so it is time to step back and slow down and simplify. As things pick up speed we are going to be needed to hold the calm amidst the chaos. We need to go within and regroup with ourselves and make sure we are able to hold the calm by staying in our hearts and pushing fear aside. It requires us to be secure in ourselves and having complete trust and faith in ourselves that we can do this. There is virtually NO room for doubt to enter into the equation. We need to be quiet with ourselves this weekend and make sure we are strongly connected within to our beliefs, so much so we will not waver when the time comes. Have we done our work, have we found our centers, are we feeling secure in who we are and what we believe? Go within and take a peek and make sure. We are soon to be called upon and we need to know for sure. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Zero Time = Heaven On Earth = Rapture Underway! … Unless Your Still Feeling With/ Looking At Yesterday – 20 October 2012

We really have become the farmers and custodians of the New Earth.  I read for a man yesterday and I don’t think I appreciated the fullness of his reading until this morning.  This morning I have actually been sitting here for over an hour now pretty much going over a “contrast” review.  Maybe better said, a timeline review.  I received an email yesterday about a global meditation coming up this month.  The more I read of it, the more I kept feeling… this has already been done with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  What the global meditation is set up to do, has been done or we could not be here, in this new world/new earth energy.  So I have been pondering the contrasts between what was seen with my man yesterday and the details emerging from our timeline called 2013 and those still seeing and being concerned about the “dark entities  within the astral plane. Continue reading

Ann Albers – A Message From Ann And The Angels – 20 October 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As many of you approach your Halloween holiday we would like you to take a minute to celebrate the many deaths you have experienced inside of yourselves this year. We’re no talking about the deaths of those you love, butt rather the deaths of those habits and patterns of thought that no longer serve you. It is cause to celebrate when these “little deaths” occur, for as you left go of that which does not serve you, you allow your true self to be birthed into greater life. Continue reading

Richie Haven 1969 Woodstock – Freedom – 20 October 2012

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3 Minutes News – Contact The Australian Bureau Of Meteorology Re: Buoy 53046 – 20 October 2012

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Lucas – Be One, Be Love, Be The Inspiriation, Be Free – 20 October 2012

It is we all have our days we ponder on things happening without judgement just seeing what it is that is.  It is feeling the anxiousness for change and the worries it will not happen by some. It is for many wanting to be free and even using means for that freedom to accomplish that are not wanted anymore.

I see those still not awakened and those who already have and those who have falling asleep again. I see teachers become pupils again and renowned becoming the common. It are just observations of mine.   The shift is taking place. People need to address their issues and come into their heart and being oneness with all and in all in unconditional love. Continue reading

TEDxSF: Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude – 20 October 2012

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The Venus Project – Jacque Fresco – Future By Design – Full documentary – 20 October 2012

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Re-Post About EGO – If Dr Seuss Studied Eckhart Tolle! Scott Grace, The Spiritual Dr. Seuss – 20 October 2012

Uploaded by on 29 August 2011 (I really recommend listening to it and let it seep through. Some authors and renowned writers, gurus, teachers and others should listen for certain.)