Lucas – Be One, Be Love, Be The Inspiriation, Be Free – 20 October 2012

It is we all have our days we ponder on things happening without judgement just seeing what it is that is.  It is feeling the anxiousness for change and the worries it will not happen by some. It is for many wanting to be free and even using means for that freedom to accomplish that are not wanted anymore.

I see those still not awakened and those who already have and those who have falling asleep again. I see teachers become pupils again and renowned becoming the common. It are just observations of mine.   The shift is taking place. People need to address their issues and come into their heart and being oneness with all and in all in unconditional love.

The is so much around you already to be grateful for, you can be inspired by. There is already so much freedom around in different ways we can get our thoughts to be free inspired upon that. Be like that eagle in the skies and the dolphin in the seas. Be free, Be One with nature and your surroundings.  It is not that difficult picturing that. What is then difficult about picturing you being in your heart, feeling the joy of the most inspirational time you ever have experienced, feeling that moment of ultimate bliss and love.

It is just all about turning your universe inside out. It is like the universe felt by you from your heart in unconditional love. Seeing it through those eyes by the heart.  Manifesting it by those thoughts comings from the heart into the now.  It is the most precious gift you have being the creator in Oneness with all in all and connected with all those others you maybe still see as different from you. They are just all as you are part of that Oneness.  What is so unexplainable of beauty, of greatness and grace than the power of freeing yourself and the world by unconditional love.

You need no weapons, you need no words of hate, you need no war or violence, there is no need for control and manipulation, there is no fear as all is just One and in unconditional love being.  It is time we be One, we be the Inspiration and Be Free. We can just set your heart in motion and let go of all the unnecessary ego, obstacles and obstructions you have set up to let go.  Be clearing the way for the new paradigm people. We are here to serve and be unconditional loving each other and for co-creating and c0-living as One for all the better of humankind and Earth.

Let love be your banner and light be your sword,  it is not about battles, it is the battle within and about changing you and thus change the world accordingly. You will feel the change inside and feel the change and see the change also on the outside.  We can change therefore also by being in oneness creating together the new and manifesting the new in the now.  We will do.

Love and Light,


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