Blossom Goodchild – 21 October 2012

October 21, 2012

Hello my friends. These days I feel so ‘on form’. I get so excited at the prospect of FEELING much Higher energies and how that will be. As it is … I sometimes need bricks tied to my feet to keep me grounded … any comment?

We come to you IN/AS/THROUGH LOVE as we always have done. We too, are excited to witness that so many upon your planet are FEELING the same as yourself. We can see it through the colours that are vibrating so fervently and we watch also as they blend with the colours that are entering into your Earth.

Such joy is now resonating within so many that we FEEL it almost as if THE CHANGE has already taken place.

I notice you say almost.

Indeed … For as you so correctly stated … that which you FEEL now and resonate with is so ‘mild’ in comparison to that which you are to remember to experience.  It will FEEL so natural for each one … for it is so much nearer home … to the soul self.

Allow that which is ‘coming to you’ to ‘become you’. And yet we say … it is not that you are ‘adding’ to who you are … You are letting go of who you are not. To reveal … that which is already there .

That’s interesting.  I hadn’t looked at it like that ….

By stripping away the layers that no longer serve … you are presenting to yourself and ALL … WHO YOU ARE.

As you walk into your TRUTH … as you FEEL the very essence of that TRUTH … you recognize that of which you spoke … The elation of the self … from the self … more rapidly now as ‘it all begins to fall into place’… Do you understand the process?

It is no accident that those of you who have been awakened are ready now in the forefront of what is coming … to BE THERE.


Many of you are settling in new places or finding that circumstances may be preventing you from being where you thought you were meant to be. It is simply that you are being stationed in the position in which you desire (d) to be when the change comes upon you.

It’s all so mystical. So intriguing. I understand now that we ‘can’t know’ until we ‘do know’ … but this ‘change’ you speak of … for me … I think of it as a change within the self … becoming a far more Enlightened Being … yet at the same time … imagining quite a change upon the planet also.

What is to be presented to you … will have each one of you behaving in a fashion in which they have accustomed themselves to become over the last years of this decade. This is why we speak of looking back and seeing how far you have come. How much you have evolved in to the ‘LIGHTNESS’ of yourselves. All of this preparation has been to have you in the correct alignment with that which is to impose upon you.

Impose? Sure about that word?

We would speak of it in the terms of ‘IT WILL HAPPEN’. There is nothing that is going to prevent this change from happening.

Are you talking of ‘The Change’   as the same thing as the ‘Big Event’ that you have spoken of?

Indeed we are. For when this BIG EVENT takes place … WHEN it does … it can only bring with it GREAT CHANGE … FOR ALL.

Will there be ‘signs’ for us as to when it is to occur … or will it take us by surprise?

It will depend entirely upon the individual. Many will KNOW of its coming … Their energy will FEEL it in the air … so to speak. Yet there shall be many that will not be of a frequency that can pick up on its vibration … therefore … for many it will come as a great surprise.

Sometimes I feel like a kid at Christmas … I can see the huge present all wrapped up … I just can’t possibly guess what’s inside. I try and imagine all sorts of things … yet until I open it … I won’t TRULY KNOW. I have just heard the words of a song ‘Look look look to the rainbow’.

These shall be signs. Once again we speak of ‘unusual rainbows’. There shall be images in the skies that are not of your regular day to day sightings.

I don’t know if this is my imagination running away with me or not … yet I am seeing/imagining right now  … great cloud formations that are definite SIGNS of SOMETHING … because of the FEELING we will get when we are watching them ‘move/change. A sort of FEELING of great anticipation … yet of the most wondrous kind. Is this me getting carried away?

It is one of the many reasons you were chosen to work with us … because you ARE able to pick up on such images that we send through to you . Just by the FEELING that came with what we showed you … do you see WHY? WHY we are so very excited FOR YOU ALL about what is to come?

If you put it like that … YES! Because it FELT so AWESOME. So … for want of an adequate word … ‘reverent’(?). I know this may seem farfetched for some … but as if the clouds would part and there before us would be … THE LIGHT … and I’m talking … THEE LIGHT!

Dearest souls … breathe. When your eyes feast upon such wonders that you are to behold … do remember to breathe … for such happenings shall be so breath taking … that one may forget!

I know White Cloud has said in the past that when ‘your ships’ eventually appear in the skies, some folk will leave their physical body with the shock of it all. This makes sense now as to why you are saying ‘remember to breathe.’

And we say to you that with the intake of breath you will quite literally feel a Euphoria taking place.

Struth … I feel like I am ‘lifting off’ as I write! Whoa Neddy!

Yet we shall continue for we know you are well and grounded.  As this change takes place within you … THIS is when you recognise your ‘old’ self … yet it will have become the NEW self … once again!

We have spoken of many times that you shall recall gifts that are YOU … yet have been hidden away.

Some reasoning of this is due to the dismissal of one’s TRUE Light due to the density of energy upon your planet and in which you have had to reside for eons upon eons. Other reasoning’s are because of one needing to be in the correct ‘status’ to enjoy them … For if one remembered of them when in a lesser state of grace … they may have been used to create havoc and to give of rewards to the self that were not deserved and therefore much … so very much … could have gone awry … as has come about in days of old.

Dearest friends … allow your hearts to swell with pleasure. Let it BE A PLEASURE TO BE ALIVE.

KNOW that there are so many, many souls that do not have THE PLEASURE to reside upon your Earth plane at such an avid moment in your time …

(Avid seems a wrong word here … yet it would not go away!)

Yet they are with you … WE ARE ALL WITH YOU. Waiting so very patiently for this HUGE OCCURANCE that is on its way.

Oh I do so hope you are right and that I am right in what is coming through me from you! I think if we found ourselves come next May still waiting and hoping … well … let’s just not go there.


??? You are saying nothing.

We are not going there!

Whah! Your humour has come on in leaps and bounds. That cracked me up!!

May we say it took quite a bit of deciphering over the years to ‘Get it’ … but I think now we have.

(Interesting they said … but ‘I’ think now we have. I did not pick up on this until reading it back.)

After that little beauty I would tend to agree. As you know I will be taking a little break due to my trip to America. Yet I so look forward to resuming with you when I get back. That is providing of course … you don’t drop me down a winch and hoik me northward for a quick and free ‘Around the Universe’ trip!

Either way … we shall be in your heart … and the hearts of those who wish us to be there.

Where? In our hearts … or Sedona?!!


You are again saying nothing??? Oh I see …

We are not going there …

Yet again … I am on to your humour/cleverness. For I could take that in a few different ways.

And this is our intent.

We leave you now and retract from your energy … with much happiness for the time we have spent this day with you … and indeed with each one of you as you read these words and allow us in to your hearts … which makes our connection with you so strong and secure and LOVED.

AND LOVE YOU WE DO … ‘AIN’T NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Thank you so very much for the joy you bring.

Thank YOU for the joy WE RECEIVE. /not published on her  own website and blog at 21 October 2012 / see


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