Christina – Your Higher Calling – 21 October 2012

The Wisdom of the Ages Speaks ~ We are here for the sake of each other. Freedom clearly is our reason for being. It is a freedom that is beyond civil liberties—it is the liberation of truth found within our heart.

It is the freedom to love. We are eternal beings here for a short time.

The shift of the ages is right before us it is front and center. We are a group of beings, revealing our selves as the new human, existing in both a formless and human body simultaneously. We dwell in our body consciousness enmeshed with our cosmic consciousness. We are not alone. We are surrounded by each other having a co-joint experience.

Throughout time man has sought to be with the body and heart. It is clear that humanity has time and again been foiled due to their appointed miscalculations as a whole.

The inner struggle and the outer struggle are in conflict and unresolved. It is time for humanity to perform at their very highest level and calling. It is here where the global community stands together to fight against the injustice instigated through their own creation.

Humanity is still at war within. Within these two worlds is the ultimate struggle and conflict. Limited only by the subtlety of the Un-actualized self, humanity continues to persevere. What stands before all, is the innate knowing and calling from within that relentlessly leads and prods us. Our inner struggle mimics that of the collective.

There is only a perceived disconnection between our body consciousness and cosmic consciousness. The wisdom of the ages is dynamically expressing itself through every human being. Revered here is the truth of our existence. There is a purposeful intent for our existence encrypted in every heart. Why we are here, whom we truly are and why we chose to exist in the first place, is the lost artifact encoded in every heart.

We are the sacred tenants. We are here to occupy love as our primary reason for being.

The ultimate occupation is that of love. And all the while, it has been determined on our behalf, to not be able to access this. We no longer shall be in the dark, asleep and complacent. The wisdom of the ages will no longer support our complacency. Tell your loved ones, your cohorts, and your beloved—-it’s now or never. Act upon your higher calling and you shall know freedom is alive and well inside us all.

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, Becoming a Divine Human
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