Cobra – Day Of Decision Update – 21 October 2012

Median ray convergence complete
Day of Decision Update
We are now only hours away from the moment when our collective decision will create a powerful unified stream of positive free will that will be an important step towards our final liberation.
The World Liberation Meditation that is coming right now will build up energy for our mass event.
Additional instructions have been received. Five minutes before the Day of Decision mass meditation starts, we can sing together Imagine by John Lennon. You can find video with lyrics here:
Imaigne thousands of peole singing the same song in unson around the world! This will unify our hearts and strengthen the power of our unified free will.
Again, instructions for the Day of Decision are here:
Main video is here:
Video for mobile phones is here:
Main facebook group here:
And we have instructions in various languages.
Let’s do this united!

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