Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – All That Is Really Wants…- 21 October 2012

You have all been creating marvelously, but you have been unaware that you were doing it. In other words the process is automatic. You send forth rockets of desire and the Universe responds by creating them in the non-physical, and then they flow into your experience based on your degree of allowing. The more you feel connected with Source—when you feel good—good things flow.

But you have been asleep. You are like those sleeper agents in the movies that a government sends to another country to spy upon them, without knowing that is their reason for being there. And now All That Is really wants you all to awaken, so that you can consciously do the things that you were intended to do, and at the same time benefit from the allowing of your own creations in your immediate experience. So things are speeding up, and more and more of you are awakening.

Interesting is it not, that in a world that they claim suffers from entropy, the slowing down of things, that things are actually expanding and going faster. Does that not prove to the physicists among you that your physical world is not a closed system? If it were a closed system then everything would slow down and eventually grind to a halt. But instead the universe is expanding and things are going faster and faster all the time. That means there must be an outside Source, a Source that exists somewhere beyond the physical, and is pouring energy into that system. Hmmmm. Now who could that be? And who would direct this energy upon its arrival here? Very interesting.

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