Lucas – I Had A Dream – It Came True – 21 October 2012

I had a dream to envision the worlds beauty in its pristine form.  I wanted to see flowers and see the flora in its most magnificence. I wanted to see the birds fly all over the blue blue sky.  I wanted to see the crickets sing and the fish jumping in the streams. I wanted to see crystal clear water. I wanted to see human kind finding their abundance in nature without taking more than was needed. I saw people living and creating all together as One.

I saw that all was powered by the most simplest devices that would give clean and green energy. I saw  transport that was for all available and without roads to use. I saw people living each in their homes and caring for each other. I saw schools disappeared as it was no longer needed as we had all knowledge always  available and also guarded by the elders.

I saw no hospitals anymore as sickness was no more and medicine and drugs not needed. I saw there was no more police and army, no more warships roaming the seas and no warplanes and alike  flying in the skies.  I saw peace, abundance, harmony and love.  I saw when I woke up the dream had become  true. We created a new paradigm shift and planted the seeds of the blue-print that we will develop further amongst ourselves for all the better of humankind, earth and all upon, above and beneath it.  My heart bounced with joy and bliss when I saw all this.  It is a Dreamtime awakening to a new reality created. It is all unconditional love.

Thanks all for helping to make it so. We made all the difference together. And for all those naysayers, non-participating and even ignoring and frustrating the event, it is over. Give up and join us, be with us together on the same page. We have all the same goal if you only wanna see that. We will bring the new paradigm into existence and also will bring ascension of earth and humanity about, there is no stopping this anymore.

Love and Light,


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One response to “Lucas – I Had A Dream – It Came True – 21 October 2012

  1. Freedom to live in Love! Freedom to be the being we REALLY are without the stress we have had just trying to survive. Now it’s time to THRIVE!