One Heart !! PRAY !! UNIVERSALLY UNIFIED On Sunday 21 October 2012

This just went out to the Native Americans, Lakota, Mayan Cherokee, Choctaw, Hopi and the Star Knowledge Group from my Sacred Cherokee Grandmother SilverStar. She and I have always been close as we are both Cherokee and both teach the same ascension initiation lightbody activation methods. Being in her field is wonderful!
The CC is to Chief Golden Light Eagle aka Standing Elk.
Thought you would like to see.


One Heart !! PRAY !! UNIVERSALLY UNIFIED on Sunday, October 21, 2012
RE:  Sunday, Oct. 21 – PRAY for PEACE ON EARTH using the

“Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration”

MAMMY, Universal Mother, sez, “Prayer is the power to direct the Movement of Time.”

O’siyo, StarLight Family,

Greetings –

PDF :  Universal Law of Light, Sound, and Vibration

Beginning The Golden Age of Peace, with each Thought, Feeling, Word and Action

we are now manifesting The New Earth  —  Mother Earth Wisdom Freedom Star shines !!

Tomorrow is a MANIFESTING DAY.  Unified Universally, we will be praying

and meditating with the Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration in step with the Heavens.

In “Ceremony with the Stars”  on Global UNITY day, we are co-creating The New Earth:

*  CALL: The 3 Guardians of the Star Law

Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration:

Grandmother Owl, Sweet Song, and Holy Amethyst (see attachment),

*  DRAW and CIRCLE:  (energize) the manifesting symbol:  ”

Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration”

(Light, Sound and Vibration is the same as the Law of Attraction),

*  PRAY: “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” co-creating Peace for All Our Relations
on The New Earth — Mother Earth Wisdom Freedom Star !!

[Following the EARTHSTAR WAY 13-Moon Calendar, Maka Wicahpi Wicohan Wani’yetu,

Universal and Spiritual Laws in Day by Day Living, praying and meditating  in

“Ceremony with the Stars,” each Sunday is a “manifesting day.”—

Before dawn Sunday is the Orionid Meteor shower in the wee hours — Heart Time !!

scroll down …


The LOVE Vibration Calendar – 2013 EARTHSTAR WAY 13-Moon at

For Christmas, Give the Gift of Ancient Sacred Star Knowledge.

O sa da dv

Mitákuyé Oyasiŋ

Gv Ge Yv ~ Love, Light, and Peace On Earth,

Grandmother SilverStar

Wicahpi Mazaska Waste Win

No-qui-si A-de-lv U-ne-ga

12:12:12Phoenix Star Knowledge Conference

~ ~ ~

The Symbols – The Universal Symbols and Laws of Creation:

A Divine Plan by Which One Can Live


Bill Ballard And Lucas – It Is Happening People! – 19 October 2012
by lucas2012infos
It IS Happening People!
Please join a myriad of US as ONE BEING in a unified focused manifestation Intent and Invocation This Sunday 10-21-12 to Shift Our Planet and the Collective of Humanity upon her.
Please share this message with all.

Bill Ballard

And Light and Love,


3 responses to “One Heart !! PRAY !! UNIVERSALLY UNIFIED On Sunday 21 October 2012

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  2. Although the event happens on my side of the world at 3.30am I shall remain awake to be part of such historical and unique unity of souls from all over our beautiful mother earth, Gaia. May Love and Peace be established forever. So it is!