Ron Van Dyke – Gathering Of Souls For Reconciliation – 21 October 2012

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Yes, I can still see with my natural eyes; and God has also blessed me to see with my supernatural eye. Whereas those that only see with the natural eyes see the conflict aand division as the Light comes on with greater intensity, some are able to see as God sees, looking beneath the surface and recognizing the common ground within and beneath the diversity. There is a gathering of those souls that are willing to look deeper; and it is those souls that follow in the footsteps of the messengers than have gone before us. There are more of us on this planet now than ever before; and our mission is the mission of Christ consciousness, the ministry of reconciliation. We hear the cry of Master Jesus, “Father, that they all may be one in us.” This is the time of the gathering of souls.

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  1. Thanks for providing us with so much love, light and inspiration Ron. Have a good birthday and we are eternal beings of light, so do not worry about birthdays there is always a new birthday coming up. Let us be One today to make the change needed in this world and focus on the new reality already happening and manifested in the now.

    Love and Light,