Sophia Love – I’ve Decided – 21 October 2012

I’ve decided

The day of decision has arrived unannounced.  I noticed just a few moments ago.  It did not look the way I expected it to.

There are big plans for the world wide meditation tomorrow.  I can’t wait for it.  I love a real good group meditation…I love the FEEL of US as ONE.  I have only had a few of these, the ones that sort of knock me over with our power and unity and love, but they move me to places I didn’t know I could go.

The global effort we are about to undergo promises to catapult all of us.  This day, the subject of this blog, is different.  It is not waiting for a moment, it is here now.  I have decided.

I have spent months in preparation and discussion and anticipation for change and magic and help.  I mentioned in May that for us, for my family and myself, the money was just about gone.  We could no longer feed the banksters and corrupt ones with our pennies, we needed them to pay for food and gasoline.  Once you stop paying, there is a pause.  Oh, the bills keep arriving but without any immediate repercussions or sense of urgency.  They are easy to ignore.

It changes after a bit.  A sense of urgency is applied, anxiety enters.  There was a time when I was anxious, then I became angry, then I began to search for solutions.  To be perfectly frank, I think we were hoping for some magic someplace in there…so that we’d never have to deal with the searching part.  Well, the magic did not come from the heavens. There was no “answer from above”.

The solutions we discovered sort of worked, for a month or so.  But with no change in our ability to work or to prosper financially, they too were ineffective. Somewhere in there, the deciding commenced.  This was a criminal way to live. We were not criminals.  We were love.

It was insanity.  I have four children, a college education, a home and a cat.  I am smart and have paid both income and property taxes for decades.  I have not participated in any criminal activity.  I write inspirational material about love and empowerment.  I serve food to the homeless, deliver meds to shut ins and care to handicapped children.  Yet I cannot afford to buy my son a new pair of shoes.

I decided to do something.  We are no longer waiting, we are doing.  Our unsecured debt is being handled by a legal advocate consortium.  Our mortgage by several other legal groups.  This allows us to get help, using large numbers of us as a cushion to reduce our legal fees and inflate the power of our voices.  We are no longer answering invasive questions or responding to telephone calls from banks.  We have taken the controls back.

I chose today’s picture because, well, it expresses how I feel.  It sums up my decision, and I hope yours as well.  You are not losers or layabouts, slaves or subservient citizens.  You’re awesome.  You’re divine bits of the One Source, the battery of everything.  This bill?  This set back?  This illness?  This condition? It is temporary.  You’re bigger than all of it, better than what you’ve been told and brighter than the brightest star.

This is our moment and the time for our choice.  Two days ago I posted a beautiful video.  It was a profound expression of what we are doing and what we have done.  It was moving and empowering.  It was also subsequently REMOVED.  This is sad, but also great news.  The effects of our choosing are being felt everywhere.  When I told my partner, he replied “Awesome!  Now you can get arrested!”  What he meant was, people now know who we are.  The love being realized is changing the planet.

Here is a video which was shared by the same source that shared the first one (the Off World Source, found here: )

Uploaded by on 28 December 2011
We are One.  Our choice is spoken with each empowered breath.  We have taken the controls of our lives and by doing so, are taking back our world.  I am moved beyond words.  Thank you for each encouraging whisper and every energetic blast of love.  It is felt by all of us and has been heard by the heavens.  In your unique fashion, in just your way, with absolute precision and perfection, you have done it. You’re awesome.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article

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