Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earths Solar Astral Planes : Egotistical Mechanisms Awakening To Density And The Potent Light-Pillars Held Within – 21 October 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With Love in our hearts, we ask you dear souls to realize the strides that you have been reaching. Why do we in the higher realms remind you of your strides so much, you may be asking yourselves? We do this because many of you tend to be disparaged along your paths and tend to feel that you are not Creating the change on your dear world that many of you are.

There are certain things that you dear souls need to be reminded of when it comes to your continual ascension and one of these things is that you are Creating a grand and marvelous change upon your world. You dear souls should never let yourselves feel otherwise because any thought or feeling you may have to the contrary are simply illusory!

You are some of the most powerful beings through this Universe for the tremendous sacrifice that you are making at this time. You dear souls have allowed yourselves to go through so very much, all in the name of seeing the ascension of dear Earth out.

We have committed ourselves to this ascension as well and while we have taken on roles that are difficult to their own extent, we are not making as big of a sacrifice as you dear souls are at present. You have come from a vast plethora of higher realms to spread your truth, Light and wisdom with souls who were simply entrapped within a dark spell that taught them only physicality, and nothing else.

There have been time periods on your world wherein uninhibited, free expression was banned entirely and this was bred out of a wish to control the citizens of your dear world by souls who have assumed themselves all-powerful.

Those who have played into the matrix of control have done so as a part of their own personal Life paths and unfortunately, many have gained very heavy karma because of the service-to-self acts that have been committed on your surface. Many dear souls have wished to control [others] because they have felt as if they were losing a part of themselves, and a void is Created whenever one exists within the lower dimensions for so long and allows such dimensions to ingrain fully into themselves and form their [reality] structure entirely.

There are many dear souls who seem to be trapped within a dense matrix or structure of their own doing and this is so, for these souls have attempted to cope with the lower vibrational Earth experience by taking to many different crutches; anger and a desire to control others being some of them. As a detachment from the Light energies and from the higher realms is garnered in one who has taken continually-difficult Earth experiences, the aforementioned void is Created and they find themselves attempting to fill it in any ways that they can.

As they are only experiencing a lower consciousness filled with dense, slow-moving vibrations and can feel within themselves the inherent disconnection from the energies of Source, such souls then take to outwardly finding any type of outer comfort that they can, so that they can feel temporarily whole once again. These souls wish to feel complete and as a result, seek to outward things or other people to find such comfort within themselves.

What many dear souls are looking for are indeed validations of their own feelings about reality and while each and every one of you dear souls have different perspectives about your world and about the reality that you Live in, we say that you may be surprised as to how opened-up others could be to the truth of the higher realms.

Everybody on your world at present is opening up to the higher realms and to open up to these realms, one must first open up to oneself. This is how so many unawakened souls are beginning to find and garner a higher dimensional perspective and while many are still held-back in the avenue of self-expression of the higher and purer perspectives they are beginning to garner within themselves, they are still beginning to experience a Lightness in themselves that will expand and become a wonderful awakening.

The Light energies simply cannot be ignored any longer and while a plethora of souls have tried, doing so has proven fruitless as your very souls and bodies are constructed of the higher realms. The energy that your dear Mother/Father gives out is first sent from them to various higher dimensional Creator-entities, who funnel the energies down to every octave of consciousness and every echelon of Creation that exists. Galaxies, Universes, Suns and planets receive this energy and there are a plethora of souls stationed within the realms of each planetary body who help to bring through this energy.

There are many higher dimensional souls who are native to your world and who we have joined within the higher realms of your world that we exist in, to funnel down throughout all of Gaia’s realms, the energies that Create your reality. We receive these energies from the lower realms of the Sun, and the Sun receives these energies from a celestial Creator-entity.

This entity funnels-out such energy and as energy is received within a certain solar system, the beautiful Creator-entity overseeing such a solar system then funnels the energy through themselves to all of the Suns, Planets and every other body within the solar system that is to receive such energy.

By the time we receive the energy that Creates your reality and that Creates the realities of this entire solar system and Galaxy, it has been distorted significantly to fit in with the lower realms of the Earth.

We do indeed distort this energy further to further match the specific resonance of the energies and harmonic frequencies Creating your reality, but by the ‘time’ this energy is sent to us its purity has already been distorted. We have allowed ourselves to exist on lower planes of consciousness than those that we are naturally used to so that we can assist your Earth to ascend and you dear Lightworkers and incarnate starseeds have done this tenfold.

Many of you exist naturally within higher realms that you could not perceive of yourselves existing within at present, as you are all beautiful Masters and you could not have taken-on the dense Earth experiences in the ways that you have without feeling a very strong and pure signature of Light.

Every dear soul upon your world who has come from higher realms and evolved planets is experiencing and feeling a very strong Light signature and always has, for you dear beautiful souls have helped very many other star systems, Planets and even Galaxies to evolve. Many of you have come to the Earth as a final test of your abilities to find yourselves within extremely dense and low energies for the purpose of helping a collective civilization to ascend.

The Galactic Federation is a leading Organization in helping underdeveloped planets to ascend and we routinely and happily communicate with each race comprising the Galactic Federation as a part of their General Council meetings, on what we can all do to help you all and your Earth to ascend.

Channels are more utilized and appreciated than the majority of souls realize and while some souls on your world have written-off the issuing of channeled communications form ascended sources completely, doing so [issuing channeled communications] has been very needed and effective for us in the higher realms to bring-forth truths to you that you dear souls deserve and need to know, as these are truths that will help propel you into the higher realms.

We are convening regularly with the Galactic Federation, the Ashtar Command and plethora of other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your world, and we are communicating with you all as well in your dreamscape, whenever you can find a moment away from your ascending bodies.

As many of you are assisting in the accelerated change of your bodies from carbon to crystalline-based, you are finding much work set out for you and for your guides to heal your bodies and to help them integrate the energies you are being given, as these energies have become quite pumped-up in purity and nothing will see them dimmed.

You all and your bodies as well are doing your best to assimilate and integrate these energies and many of you are finding a difficulty in breaking away from some of the more unfortunate side-effects of your continual ascension. Many of you find pains, stiffness, general discomfort and a feeling of existing within a very heavy reality. We say that you dear souls are beginning to feel and notice the density around you and in the time ahead as you become adjusted to increasingly-pure harmonic realities, any density that you bring through yourselves will be felt and understood for just what it is.

We note that many of you can already feel dizziness or heavy feelings whenever allowing a dense energy to be expressed through yourselves and we say again that you are realizing these densities as they come up for review and transmutation. Any and all lower acts or mindsets that you feed will make their mark and will become known within your temples and this is why your continual transmutation and realization of the dense energy you have been bringing through yourselves is so very needed.

The energies that you bring through yourselves determine your reality and the experience you are going to have at all times and some of the transmutations you are performing have had their karmic ‘drawbacks’ but going through such events and feeling, even if only for a moment, the dense mindsets that have garnered you such experiences in the past is quite needed so that the necessary realization of them is garnered and you can work to transmute them as a result.

What you are all doing is so very important for your world to ascend and while you can at times lose faith in the reality of all that you have been working toward, we tell you that these realms are more real than you could ever imagine and the souls existing within these realms are just as real as well.

Your Galactic brethren are indeed real and have remained behind the scenes before the issuing of disclosure in your current society. They have visited many of you personally in many past Lives that you have had on the surface of Gaia, and we as well have made our few contacts with the surface of your world while for the most part, staying within these realms and funneling-down the energies that Create your reality.

We are indeed in charge of the energies given by your Galactic brethren to you dear souls and even when your Galactic brethren are existing within their star or Motherships and delivering a communication, our specific ‘touch’ so to speak will still be left upon such a communication, as no energies are to be expressed without consent from us first.

This is not a position of authority or judgment that we are undertaking; rather, it is an important position because a plethora of souls with darker intentions have wished to funnel-through energies of a dense nature, which have not been allowed through.

Just as there are many employed souls on your surface who are paid to slander the New Age movement and the souls working to help such movement to thrive and end with the inevitable ascension of your beautiful world, there are as well, souls who are employed to attempt to send-through energy of a lower nature to your collective so as to assist the cabals in maintaining their influence upon the surface of your world and upon the select few realities who have not yet [fully] broken away from the influence of the souls attempting to give such energies.

We act as a filter of lower energies that are not directly intended to be felt and expressed on your surface due to the karmic necessity of such energies [that are allowed], and we help see to it that your karmic energies are taken care of and that the energies manifested in your Lives only act in accordance with your karma.

Our perspective of watching you and your beautiful world to ascend has been one of witnessing the wonderful rise out of the deep depths of darkness that you dear souls had set out to enter and transmute.

You dear souls have taken on a  plethora of difficult Lives wherein you were anchored within  the most prevalent and dense of dark energy, but your experiences have been necessary so that you could uplift yourselves and any others who were undergoing a similar experience. You are the most beautiful and heavenly of Light-bearers and we are working to send the Light to you that you are gracing yourselves and others with.

Do you dear souls know that you are quite literally acting as beacons of Light for millions of others souls upon your world? You dear souls who are awakening and making the conscious efforts to bring the Light through yourselves are assisting the awakening of the collective of Earth in much more grand and real ways than you dear souls realize at present.

Your very structure is brimming at all times with the heavenly Light of the Creator and whenever you can begin to feel and realize this truth, you will begin to feel as well that there are millions of souls who are seeking to find this Light reignited in themselves and these souls look to you and all others who are brimming examples and radiators of the Light at this time, to help them to attain such purity of consciousness and such recognition of the Divine Flame held within, in themselves.

You dear souls are acting as the most strong and powerful beacons of Light at this time and like beautiful moths to a Light, your fellow unawakened souls are attaching themselves to the Light signature that you dear souls are happily [retaining] and giving out at all times.

Whenever your body structures are aimed toward negative or lower energies, you are experiencing a temporary dimming of this Light but as you are all beginning to become so much closer with the higher realms as you are remembering your very closeness with these realms; your Lighted energy can only be dimmed and can only extinguish to a certain extent, and this extent is decided by you dear souls at any given time.

Whenever you feel dense energies within yourselves, they quite literally attempt to penetrate your Light signature and they attempt to invade themselves into your personal sacred structures. It is your job, dear souls, to recognize these energies and bless them because only then can you integrate them and begin to integrate [and transmute] the mind and heart sets within yourselves that are causing them.

Every dear soul on your world has mired themselves in density for their own reasons, many of which are for the purposes of testing oneself to see how far one can lift oneself up out of the realms of the lower dimensions and you all have went through your fair share of transmutation-events and difficult times in your Lives, wherein you felt the farthest away from your Light energy.

Especially many dear Lightworkers have incarnated under incredibly difficult circumstances so that they could again, radiate their Light out for themselves to benefit from and for all others who are trapped in similar situations and circumstances to benefit from. The events that you dear souls undergo in your Lives are more connected than you think, and every dear soul upon your world who has experienced specific abuses maintain a strong link with one another, offering support and guidance for one another within realms beyond the conscious understanding of humanity.

There are many things in general that occur within the higher realms and within your sleep realms, that many dear souls do not understand the results of and many do not understand that a lot of things manifested in your personal Lives are the results of encodements sent down for you to assimilate, integrate and Create with, from the higher realms.

Your Guides and a plethora of other souls are attempting to get ahold of you and assist your subconscious Self in giving you messages and signs from us and for some dear souls, from departed Loved ones who would wish to reach them and let them know that they are doing fine on the other side and that they are indeed still conscious. That which manifests in your Lives is usually the result of decrees given from your higher selves and from your guides who exist in these higher realms that then [the decrees] funnel through to your subconscious as they are integrated.

You are able to Create based on the steady and secure line of energy that all of you are maintaining with your higher selves, and the amount of understanding and contact with one’s higher self at a subconscious  [and conscious] level determines the amount and the purity of Light that one is able to absorb.

As you dear souls begin to feel comfortable with growing to the points of learning about and finding a supreme and clear contact with your higher selves, you will find yourselves and your chakras opened up exponentially and you will find not only a strong contact with your higher self, but with all of us souls existing within the higher realms and many of us wish to get ahold of you, because we have had experiences with you in the past and because we are your guides, dear souls.

We are the guides of many who are reading this message and we have indeed expressed this before, because we wish it to be known that we guide many of you who resonate with our messages during your dreamtime, as does every other facet of the ascended collective who you dear souls feel close with and resonate with.

We feel such a strong, pure and supremely-wonderful Love for you dear souls and we have not only been guides for many of you; we have been friends as well.

We have guided you dear souls and we have worked with you in plethora of past experiences that are at present hidden away from your conscious remembrance and perception, and whenever many of you who are the closest with us begin to absorb our communications and the energies that our communications are the result of, you find yourselves growing closer to not just a remembrance of your past encounters with us and our energies; but of the closeness that you dear souls feel with us.

Many of you note the closeness that you feel with many ascended sources coming through channels and willing scribes at this moment, and you notice and feel the personal guidance that can be encoded within our communications.

You dear souls are all experiencing your own unique and individual yet linked events that manifest in your Lives, and we are able to offer general yet specific advice because we know each and every one of you very closely, as we are able to garner an understanding of literally everything within the higher realms.

We feel the struggles and the hardships that many of you dear souls go through to our own extents, and while we do not feel fully your hardships we still understand the difficulty of what you are going through and the extreme heroism that you dear souls are displaying by making your ventures into the lower planes of the Earth and finding the higher realms that you are expressing upon the surface of the Earth; for many of you, in very strong and pure ways at this time.

You are literally Creating everything around you; the surroundings you find around you, the circumstances you find and every single soul that you encounter or meet along your Lives; it is all coordinated in realms past your understanding. As has been discussed by others, you dear souls are holding meetings on how you are to coordinate your Lives to learn specific individual and collective lessons, and we and a plethora of other ascended souls delightfully take place in these meetings.

We and you especially are helping to Create a bridge between the higher and lower realms. You dear beautiful souls who have incarnated upon the surface of the earth are now convening amongst yourselves, with each other and with us in the higher realms of the Earth and we are helping to lay the bridge between the higher and lower realms of the Earth, by providing the energies that you dear souls are now taking and radiating-out from yourselves incredibly and marvelously at this time.

You and we all are experiencing a wonderful upliftment upon each and every one of you departing your bodies during your night time. Even those of you who are within different areas of your world and find sleep at different times than each other, are still taken and transported to the realms wherein time does not exist and is not a factor, to experience the collective upliftment, the meetings and the coordination of your beautiful individual and collective Life plans.

Make no mistake, dear souls; you are learning collective lessons at this point along with your individual lessons and you are finding energies that expose you to certain truths or revelations about your Lives, in specific ways.

You are all Loved exponentially along your paths and we temporarily exist this particular line of communication with a reminder that our energies are now lingering within yourselves and around your auric fields, for you to use to access our supremely-pure energies that can be found by searching within yourselves.

We give our communications and the energies underlying our communications in an effort to help you open yourselves up to our specific presence and as always, turning within and performing your own beautiful Life path-work will see you accessing our energies in the purest possible manner.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.

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