Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 22 October 2012

If you are more in touch with spiritual insights and philosophical beliefs right now, there is a cosmic reason. Not only did we just have a potent Full Moon, but elements of our very nature are joining forces in new ways. It’s akin to sitting down with a higher-power life coach who will guide you to sense and cultivate weaker areas of your life and turn them into supporting pillars of Self existence. The cosmic tide is high, and now is the perfect time to allow all the unified Love that has been filtering in to transform any fragments of separate-ness that are making you feel less-than or excluded.

Our world is moving on an ascending spiral of growth and awakening that is being pushed by time acceleration. This accelerating spiral of time is speeding up the basic frequency of evolution which is signaling an internal push to regain knowledge of your complete Nature. Therefore, the spiritual wise one within that is always on the path of enlightenment will be healing the weaker, multi-traumatized aspects of you. This is a time of nurturing all your inner pain and surrendering it to the forefront of your consciousness so that you can love it into a new identity of Self.

The entire Universe is composed of light and dark and so are you. It is time to become spiritually productive and bond rather than play tug-of-war. Listen to the layers of pain or sorrow that have lost touch with the inner seed of Soul. Allow them a voice; give them the space to show you their wounding. Be compassionate, these are the energies that will return balance and wisdom to your essence. They bring to you the possibility of higher awareness.

Separation is the source of our core wound on this planet. For the last 12,000 years we have been living the role of separated individuality. All souls incarnating knew they could come and experience Separation of the One. It was grand but now that time is done and it is your responsibility, and mine, to begin the spiritual coursework of rejoining all the separated pieces – and the easiest and most logical place to begin is within the human self. We are on our way back to Unity of the One and in preparation for this return your life and body will need to release all belief programs of separation.

Last week near the Full Moon the realms of Earth became infused with a healing over-Light that supports you holding and anchoring deeper levels of unconditional love within your being. To assure that you are able to access all of what is available you will want to reflect on how the strongest parts of you can heal the weaker components of self. Let the romance of Wholeness send you psychic illuminating currents of pairing. If courage or curiosity is one of your strong-points use it to consciously explore one of your more crazed or frenetic aspects. The stronger aspect gives you primary control and the ability to explore without self-judgment so that the lower-dimensional aspects of you can transform into the understanding and compassion that initiates your transmutation into a Soul-infused Lightbody.

The purpose and function of this practice is about getting you to perceive ALL reality through the Unity Principle. Rather challenging at times, but the human brain and heart are leaving duality and entering the realm of unity. Since you have consciously accepted your position on the Planetary Ascension Team your shift depends completely on whether you choose to hold onto fear or to maintain love.

As I have frequently said, fear will lower your state of consciousness, whereas love will raise it. In order for you to choose a reality that resonates to 5D, you need to choose to maintain a resonance of unconditional love. I understand how difficult that choice can be at times. On the other hand, the life in which you are receiving this message is one of great benefit to your Soul, for it is in the reality of planetary ascension.

Of course, as this ascension process continues, there will be many choices you will have to make regarding your mental and emotional reactions to all that is happening. In this “final act” of planetary ascension, the dark/fear may appear to be winning but that possible reality only exists if you remain in the reality where fear dictates your decisions. If you choose to only make decisions based on love, you will ride the ascension wave above all fear-based realities.

The energy of Interconnectedness/Unity/Oneness flows through the sixth level of your field – the Unconditional Body and through your heart chakra in your physical body. There is no judgment, everything is equally valued, and everything is related to a holographic Whole within this energetic realm. Your ability to look at internal issues and external circumstances unconditionally (as a Witness) comes from this level. It allows you to grow spiritually by stepping out of personal drama. People who are unable to see themselves unconditionally, unable to be a Witness to their own experiences; do not have very much energy flow in their Unconditional Body, which slows down spiritual awakening. All of our self-judgment is based on our expectations, and competition with the images that we consider “perfection”. We forget that we are already “perfect” as a unique part of the Whole! The more we focus on how we are a precious part of everything, and everyone else is too, the more we charge our Unconditional Bodies. Surrendering judgment opens the space for Love, which is the ultimate “connection with everything” energy. The Unconditional Body is fed by Love energy.

For this week, hold the knowledge that your Essence is making its reappearance here. You are a wondrous being and no part of your light should be held back from shinning the Radiance of All That Is during this shifting. Use your dreams and your intuition to give you guidance and direction for attaining wholeness. Deepen your esoteric philosophy and open to see the perfection and beauty that exists beneath all form. Relax into peace and trust and you will become the human bridge that is a light for others to know their wholeness too.

Knowing that every choice you make this week strengthens the One,

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article

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