Ron Head – Be At Peace – Be Love – Be Your True Powerful, Centered Selves – 22 October 2012

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We will speak today about what you may expect between now and the next portal opening.  First, let us congratulate you on a very successful joining yesterday as you made world-wide intention for peace and freedom.  Each time you do these things now, the light you emanate is immensely stronger than before.  You have well and truly shoved that huge snowball down the hill.  That strange feeling you are attempting to identify is peace and happiness of a job well done.  Mark it well.  You will become familiar with it.

You now have something a little less than three weeks before once again a huge portal opportunity is reached.  As individuals, you have varying degrees of clearance left to do.  It is not something to worry about.  It will be done.  There is now so much light and unconditional love that is literally blasting through your environment that, because you have invited it, your clearance is assured.

How easily you experience this is the only question.  By now you are used to hearing us urge you to open yourselves unreservedly and welcome this energy.  Many of you have very little left to clear, but almost no one is completely free of old beliefs and fears.  We tell you that it will be much more comfortable to welcome this clearing and give up whatever it brings to the fore than to continue to ignore the possibility that something a bit shadowy may be hiding from you.  Rather we should say you may be hiding from it.

No blame is attached to these things, dear ones.  The history from which these things may be derived is far, far longer than you may conceive.  It is also more than likely that some of it is inherited from ancestors you are not even aware of.  It is not necessary that you become aware of it.  It is only necessary that you give it up lovingly to the light if and when it surfaces in your minds or emotions.  Allow us to give an example, if you will.

Imagine this progression.  “Oh my!  What in the world caused this anger(fear, hatred, worry, etc.)?  But I am not this anger.  It is only an emotion.  I release it to the light with gratitude for whatever service it provided me in the past.  Thank you, Creator.”  Poof!!  It will go away.

Now, that is just an example.  We know many of you can and will do it in slightly different ways, but the result will be the same.  Remember, these will come up for clearing, not for getting mired down in.  If you don’t have some of these things come up for you, be happy.  Do not worry that you are missing any boats.

You have been clearing for long years now.  You have wondered about the difficulties in your lives.  You took them on for this very reason, my soldiers of the light.  Each of them will be worn by you, as badges of honor, in color and sound, forever more.

As we have told you many times, you yet have no true idea of who you really are.  You are about to understand.  There may be some chaos for you to walk through in these last times.  If it were important, we would discuss it.  We are not discussing it.  The important thing now is you.

Be at peace.  Be love.  Be your true powerful, centered selves.  You are the strong ones that have earned the right to be here at this time.  We surround you with our love.  We will speak more in a short while.  Good day.

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