Visionkeeper – Contemplating… – 22 October 2012


Greetings my fellow Wayseers… I found yesterday to be a very intense day. It began with a barrage of negative comments on this site that left me empty within. It made me question ‘ is this only as far as we have come?’. The solar flares were pouring in contributing to the intense emotions and then we here on the East Coast were getting pounded with Haarp. Perhaps they were trying to interfere with the global manifesting going on, who knows, I just know at times I get sick of all of it.

So all of these frequencies were squirreling around inside me and I began to wonder if it was maybe time to stop writing this blog. Nothing was feeling right, nothing was in balance, everything felt out of sorts. It still does somewhat, perhaps I just need a break. There is great sadness within, it is so hard at times to fathom the depth of depravity going on in the world. I will never give in to the madness, I just grow weary of having to fight against such evil and ugliness day in and day out. I will never give up hope and I will continue to carry the red hot coal from the fire to ignite the darkness that surrounds us. If I am gone a few days just know I am taking a break to find my center again and I will return. Blessings to all, keep the flame burning!

Love and Light,

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One response to “Visionkeeper – Contemplating… – 22 October 2012

  1. I love your site. I love how current it is. You are always positive and seek solution. I read it before I do anything else. I helps me through my day. Please know that the “nay Sayers” are always the one first to write, I say it’s fear based at the very least! Love you both.