Kauilapele – Firebird… – 23 October 2012

When I was reading the Kryon message (posted 3 days ago), this opening in the clouds appeared and I felt like taking this photo. I looked at it later and saw the Light-outline of a bird. At first I felt it was Phoenix. But this morning, somehow I got that it was Firebird.

Below are a couple Firebird images I found online. I kind of resonate with the green one.

So anyway, the deal here is that this all lines up with the fire type energies that are coming to and coming from within the planet right now. As well as coming to and coming from within each individual one of us. And this fire, although it can “destroy” or “burn up” (red firebird) any of the old paradigm structures, is alternately “firing” (initiating) in consciousness and growing in consciousness, the new paradigm structures (The green firebird). Like Planetary Peace, and Joy, and Harmony. And all that stuff!


So enjoy this wonderful new fire!

( Lucas:  I the firebirds more as the new arising out of the ashes like the phoenix did.)

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