All The Money From Iceland Comes Back – Good News For Dutch Savers – 24 October 2012

IceSaveGood news for Dutch savers, municipalities and provinces that still have money allowance of Iceland. They get everything back, with interest.  Two banks in Iceland went bankrupt In 2008. One of the two, Landsbanki subsidiary IceSave, had attracted  lot of  Dutch savers. The Dutch Government paid a maximum of 100,000 euros to victims, on behalf of the so-called deposit guarantee scheme. But people who had more than that amount on their account, also (regional) governments and municipalities that had money parked in Iceland, lost their money.  The curator of the banks let  RTLZ News (a Dutch business TV program from RTL TV) know that the repayment is no problem. The estate (shipping company, pharmaceutical companies, English supermarkets) is worth much more than initially thought. Stronger: everything is paid, with interest. ( via webtranslation) link to article in Dutch(Lucas:  This news is interesting as Iceland did not pay back debts or bailed out banks. It becomes clear every time we look at Iceland accomplishments that they did absolutely the right thing. We need to clean up also our fraudulent banking and financial system as it is clear, the arrogance and smugness of the ones in charge, the fraud, scams, enrichment, bonuses still paid and also bailouts not being paid back is still going on and people are paying for it in higher fees and service costs from banks, taxes, and in austerity madness enforced upon them. This has to stop.  It is time to change this. Start with total debtforgiveness. And follow the Icelandic example in cleaning up all and restart with a new  clean system. )


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