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Neale Donald Walsch Say On 23 October 2012……- 24 October 2012

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…

…that less and less do you need to force things, until

you finally arrive at non-action. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Are You Ready To Be Naked As The New Curtain Of Life Opens?? – 24 October 2012

I remember writing several times over the last several weeks that with this new enhanced energy field, we can created and un-create in a nano-second.  It is one thing to hear that and hope it is true, for me it is a whole other thing when you see it in action and realize how true it is!! Continue reading

Visionkeeper – There Is No Magic Pill.. – 24 October 2012

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One of the greatest misunderstandings we must get beyond in this 3D world is our belief there is a magic pill for everything! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is NO magic pill. So many tend to sit and wait forever for something to come along to save them from whatever situation they find themselves in that they want out of. It does not work this way and it is a dangerous way to think in these times. Sitting and waiting could cost us our freedom or even our lives. There is no quick fix to anything life throws our way. It is the experience of going through a situation that we must go through to grow and expand. A mind that is given everything and does not search for more does not grow! There is no way for us to shift and expand our consciousness without the possible discomfort of changing our lives, period the end! Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 24 October 2012

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Lucas – United In Oneness We Are – 24 October 2012

I am that I AM. I see and observe.  I  speak of  EGO and EGO disguised as spiritual teachers, gurus, channelers and writers.  I see the EGO getting in the way of unity and unconditional love.  The words spoken are polluted with sentences of attacks against those calling the EGO out. The sentences of division and hatred, the sentences of denying and ridiculing, and so on, all those  sentences  show EGO will  react to that what seems to touch and hurt it. Continue reading

Deepak Chopra – Gratitude – 24 October 2012

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Eckhart Tolle – Are Thoughts The Source Of Ego? – 24 October 2012

Uploaded by on 20 April 2010 Sample Q&A from the May 2010 Issue of Eckhart Tolle TV Q: Is the ego the source of our thoughts or are our thoughts generated elsewhere and passed through the ego? The ego arises out of the state of identification with thought. The moment of freedom arises when we realize that we are not our thoughts—rather, we are the awareness.