Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Being One – 25 October 2012

Being One

Separation is a glorious gift of life on Earth.  The touch of another and the beauty of a flower are but two lovely examples of separation.  The beautiful brain delineates these emotional, mental and sensory experiences into chemicals that flood your body and even begin to permeate the air.  Another breathes you in, enjoyed like a flower in a spring breeze.  It’s easy to love the connection in those moments – it doesn’t take any ‘work’ except to give the moment your full attention, appreciation and inspiration.  Do you breathe life in deeply?  Are you connected to others with such deep knowing of their creatorship that you sense their wisdom, their Whole Divine Self?  That may contain some pain that can disrupt a moment of peace.  Can you receive them fully, impervious to their pain because of your loving boundary of honoring the self, yet compassionately sharing the gift of the reflection of their glory? 
Being One collective does not mean you are to take on the pain of others; they are powerful, capable God Beings in Earth bodies just as you are.  Being One is Knowing their True Divine Nature so wholly that you connect in with their full, wise capabilities.  One that can do this for Self and another has no fear of connection and understands that Foregoing the Option of disempowerment and separation comes in many forms.  Do you know when to give a helping hand, when to stop a co-dependent victimhood and when to hold an empowered boundary that is based in Love?  Can you be One with a perpetrator and a forgiver at the same time?  That connection is what speeds healing and the future that manifests is improved for All.  Your connective nature is subtle, invisible, malleable and informs the future of your world.  You connect through the pathway of Love that traverses time to bridge separation.  The sweet reunion of the mastery within All Beings is within YOU.

As we sit to Blast Being One, we are becoming the connective magnetism that embraces All Life as a magnificent journey of returning to loving, empowered glory.  As we enhance connection, we are showing others their True Worth with a gaze of Love, a willingness to breathe them in as they are, Knowing their future options offer improvement.  We are the invisible force of Love and Forgiveness, welcoming the future to form in our embrace.  We are the One we were waiting for, being Love’s connective inspiration in every moment, even a moment of separation.  Blast On!

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