Jean Haines – Signs From The Universe Are All Over: The Collapse Is Already Happening And it’s Happening – Slowly! – Thoughts From Jean – 25 October 2012

(Lucas : Upfront I say, I will not allow comments on this article, you can go via the link to Jean’s website and comment on there. My wesbsite is not a discussion forum. Also use your own discernment in what you read. I must say I have for sure my own thoughts on the matter and expressed also several times some things. I feel the words spoken here and know there is certainly some truth in it. I do not agree with all said and written and some is in my view also maybe speculative, I can not verify all, to  make that clear here. I will not go into discussion over it anyhow. I put news out to inform you from different angles and you form your own opinion on what is written here by Jean and James Gilliland and I just have posted this for you to read it. I see it as an important message to ponder on and maybe explosive. Now follow the message of Jean Haines and her article she posted with the commerntary of James Gilliland here beneath. Go to the link of the article to comment on her blog. For certain I not allow comments here!)

Here is what I see are some signs from the Universe, from the ONE all around us that the collapse has been happening for sometime and will continue to happen in the manner we are now seeing: a gradual, slow collapse that will gradually pick up speed and maybe eventually become an avalanche. What I think is that it will not be is a huge, shocking one-time, big collapse like we have been led to believe. I’ve decided to follow David Wilcock—and simply stop fighting. Instead, while I will report the news, I’m no longer going to report the hysterical ‘stuff’ that distracts us from the ‘real’ news of which there is now so much, and I’m just going to ‘watch’ the collapse. 

Please let me explain.

Finally, finally, after being stuck for a very long time in my initial thinking, I have broken lose into a new framework, which I will attempt to share with you. Here’s the main reason I think the change will be gradual: so many of those we know and love, and really, far too many of the people on the planet, as well, simply aren’t ready to deal with catastrophic change. Their psyches might implode—for want of a better word. I think the ‘good guys’, who are on our side, have understood this, and I think the tales about this military takeover have been a lot of disinfo. I think a lot of well-meaning folks may have been used in the process, too, although I could be wrong on this.

Many of our friends and family members are still asleep, and try as we might, we haven’t been able to get their attention. Carl Boudreau suggests onNovember’s Astrology Report that there will be tough events this month that will knock people out of their complacent attitudes, and I think that these events will be a very important in dislodging them from their nice, safe little boxes. To me, Carl’s post is a message from the Universe—you take it where you can get it!

I want my family going along with me! I don’t want to leave those I love behind. This fact may be blinding me to the real truth, but I don’t think so. While I/we don’t have any idea about someone else’s soul contract, most people have been so busy just surviving, they haven’t had a chance to even look at what is going on, or they are simply afraid to do so. I’m simply putting my ideas out to you for your consideration, because I don’t pretend to have the total picture. No one can, not really, because it’s just too big. I happen to think we need everyone’s input to arrive at some valid picture of the whole.

Very early on, like most people, with great excitement I bought into the channeling, and the scenario painted by these people has really stayed with me, largely because I do believe we are going into the Golden Age, and I know we must have financial justice before we can enter it. What I didn’t see before is that we are still going to have financial justice, but we just aren’t going to be hit over the head with it, so that it practically kills us as it arrives. Even as I left channeling behind, realizing—my thinking now, and it needn’t be yours—that it was mostly coming from the astral planes, a place of wishful thinking, I still hung onto the sort of channeling ideas that come from Matthew Ward—so lovely, so magical, but I think now, not very real.

Yesterday morning, theOracle Report said: “When the Sun entered Scorpio today, it launched an X1 class flare.

“This is spectacular!  It’s a statement.  [It’s a sign from the Universe.~J] The Sun is an ally of the Earth (Gaia/Sophia) and made the decision long ago to assist in her divine experiment.  The Sun is going to join in purging darkness during its journey through Scorpio over the next 30 days.  It is going to help open new doors and opportunities by taking the past very, very far away in our perception of things.” What a wonderful message from the Universe to us!

Recently, we read that theTSA scanners are being taken down. Suddenly, no fanfare, no fuss, but they are coming down. We don’t know why, but does it matter? Can’t you see that we are winning, and the poor folks who would collapse in fright if it happened any other way won’t have to suffer!

A few other examples: Bibi Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations and was the laughing stock of the internet. Yes, the MSM went along with it, but was he ever so ridiculed before?—and remember, now thechurch leaders are calling for investigations into Israel’s role in human rights violations. Huh? How long have we waited for this to happen? Well, it’s happening now! Then, General Dempsey told Netanyahu where to go and that there would be no Iran war, and there was an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the good General—and with that attempt the word started getting out! Has anybody seen the posts from Gordon Duff about the corruption between our politicians and Israel? Could anyone paint a clearer picture?

We have the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunalexpected to issue indictments on January 23, 2013, and by the time that date roles around, I think those indictments will be heard loud and clear. Then there is theInternational Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, convened in September. Today, we have the BBC Scandal, The BB☭’s Satanic Government-Media Pedophile Complex EXPOSED Live On Air!! What about the Vatican, and remember, Ireland isn’t putting up with it anymore! We’ve already had similar scandals show up in the United States, for instance, at Penn State. Can’t you see that it’s all coming out?

Gerald Celente speaks without fear and doesn’t pull his punches:Gerald Celente – Tommy Schnurmacher Show – October 22, 2012. The MSM is slowly beginning to open up. Soon, the floodgates will open. They will have to open up!

It’s already becoming an avalanche—for me, anyway! I’m having trouble keeping up with it all! Why is it happening now after so many years of waiting? Have any of you noticed all my posts about the financial house of cards, particularly the ones that say the cabal is broke financially? How can you go to war if you can’t pay for it? Our service men/women favor Ron Paul! Do you think they will really turn on us? Do you really think the cabal can still afford to pay merceneries? False Flag attacks repeatedly fail to materialize:Last trip for ‘Big E’ through Suez Canal – Can we now say there will be NO FALSE FLAG here? ~JNow, check out this post, which I didn’t make today, because I’ve been thinking about writing this article: Army Reorganizing With Eye on Pacific Pivot. Am I correct in interpreting this as saying the greedy, arrogant cabal has broken our military, our leaders have had enough of those so-ands-sos, and they are now coming home to heal and shift priorities and won’t be fully functioning until around 2020?

Family, it’s all out there . . . I could go on and on. Neil Keenan is now in Indonesia, doing what he needs to do to get the Global Accounts/Collateral Funds functioning for us once again. Here is a brief explanation of what this is all about: In Response To: IMF AND CHRISTINE LEGARDE SHOULD KEEP THEIR NOSE OUT OF THINGS THAT DON’T CONCERN THEM…… By David Crayford. Tonight we read that the Bundesbank disagrees with audit court’s view on gold reserves. What are they hiding? Who are they kidding?  Years ago, I knew they’d stolen our gold from Ft. Knox and replaced it with gold covered tungsten, a metal that has a similar weight. We also read that Bank Of America Mortgage Fraud: Feds Sue For Over $1 Billion Alleging Multi-Year Scheme.

David Wilcock has been very silent, because HE’S STOPPED FIGHTING!!! He’s just letting it happen! I think we can do that, too. I’ll bet he could really stir the pot with what he knows, but why bother! It’s all coming out so that people can see it and deal with it in a manner that will help them to assimilate the ‘real’ truth so that it doesn’t blow them up – or away! 

In his piece at the beginning of the month—Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?  David made this comment:


“Most importantly, a series of powerful dreams — some of which were nightmares — told me to completely stop “fighting” the negative elite.

“In the most significant dream, a very evil Illuminati character was vigorously battling me.

“He was literally an embodiment of Lucifer. He had goat-styled ears and totally black eyes, but was an otherwise young and rich-looking man. He was very stylishly dressed in a shiny, custom-tailored tuxedo.

“There were a bunch of people around in a super-elite dinner party. The men were all dressed like he was, and the women all had elegant, glittering dinner gowns and lavish diamond jewelry.

“He seemed to have all of them under some sort of hypnotic control.”

What was it that gave me my final clue that all this channeling stuff and disinfo from folks like Cobra and Drake and the White Hats about the BIG CHANGE wasn’t ‘real’? Well, James Gilliland sent out an email a couple days ago, and it hit me right between the eyes, maybe in my third eye, who knows. How many times are we going to fall for all this stuff from these people before we get it? How many times, for instance, is Drake going to stir the pot and get us all upset, so we’re distracted from all the great information that is coming out in real time? I, for one, am done with it.

I respect James Gilliland, who doesn’t say much, but when he does, I listen. Here’s what he had to say:

Truth About Steve Beckow! Oct 19/12

Since you have only been tuned into Cosmic Vision News for two weeks, perhaps you’ve missed the real blockbuster show.

On the contrary, Cosmic Vision News is the SOURCE that brought us Sierra Nebulina and her August 4th deadline for disclosure. This is the second psyop coming from Steve Beckow’s group and Inlight radio. This blog is run by Stephen Cook, a former ABC News professional who has deep pockets of unknown funding. Light workers as a whole have pretty empty cupboards about now if they are authentic. (I have not been given any support from him and cannot afford expansion or tech support to keep updates going do to dark contingency plan of judgment programs in new age community focused upon me by many. Tami)

If you also remember Steve and Linda Dillon brought us the failed “Neptune flight” that also left the Lightworker community open to ridicule when that Mothership and all the volunteers were left holding their suitcases waiting for black limo’s to pick them up to go on the Neptune flight which never materialized. Beckow said he would retire if the Neptune failed to appear but then, reneged on his promise. He took a months vacation to think about it and then came back with new operations instead.

These two dark operations were only possible through spreading disinformation widely through sources like Cosmic Vision News, and many Steve Beckow blogs and radio show support. Each radio personality in their group vets each other and whatever operation they are currently working on.

Both operations caused harm to our community. Geoffrey West vetted Sierra Nebulina himself along with five other members of this group and they vetted her experience with the Queen of England, Obama and also that she “anchored light” for victims of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the course of one evening in time.

She spread her tale on Cosmic Vision News first and then Steve Beckow ran “plausible denial” about the August 4th date shortly after, so that not many realized where this information had originated in the first place. Who runs “plausible denial?” Sierra said the Andromendian High Council had given demands to the dark cabal of an August 4th deadline. It was to happen during the Olympics, and was their last chance for disclosure of a Galactic presence on Earth. Never mind that the Galactic Federation of Light does not make demands but Sierra sure said they did and many believed this disinformation. She was rewarded with her own show on Inlight Radio as a result.

Between these two failed operations, such ridicule came as to cause great discouragement and alarm within our community. So please use your own discernment and also consider these past dark ops before recommending any further disinformation programs like this one.

If you notice the good ship, Neptune and Sierra Nebulina, the play on words is something often done in black operations by CIA and other intelligence agencies when they infiltrate a community.

In addition, Geoffrey West (Host of Cosmic Vision News) was the first to extend an open “invitation” to Greg Giles, asking him to come in “out of the cold” and reveal his secrets and change of heart (as if Greg’s site had not been hacked) on his show ~ Cosmic Vision News. Greg, as many of his friends know, had his website hacked and is MIA. Another channel recently spoke through George Wallace, Jr. saying Greg was no longer present on Earth. No one has been able to locate Greg Giles either. He seems to have physically disappeared, so whether he’s alive or not is not presently known. ( Unfortunately the dark used Greg Giles for some time which I tried to clarify to him Tami)

IMO ~ Expect more mischief from this (Beckow) blog and radio group.

For some historic background ~ if you remember, Steve Beckow and his fund, paid for Mike Quinsey’s computer replacement (said to be $10,000) about two years ago and this is how they gained fame and this generous act put Steve Beckow and company on the light worker map. At the time, I was grateful to have Salusa messages back, too. It was only after the Sierra Nebulina fiasco that I began to take another look at what they’ve been doing. It’s well-orchestrated. ( I personally know that not all the information coming through Mike is clear as well Tami)

We might consider who else but government has such deep pocket funds to toss around in order to directly influence channels?

Not long after, the failed August 4th so-called, Deadline for Disclosure, Mike Qunisey added an addendum of Linda Dillon’s AA Michael channels on one of his Salusa Messages. Due to this “tainting” I stopped posting Salusa messages entirely in my own network. Shortly afterward, the Beckow group/Stephen Cook have given Mike Quinsey an all expense paid trip to Sedona, Arizona in the U.S. for special conferences and Mike is now advertising the sales of tickets to these (Beckow/Cook) events. The first one sold out and more conferences are planned. Meanwhile, Stephen Cook keeps interviewing and influencing the channel pool and through gifts, he is managing to taint other channels, one-by-one either through funding or other means such as the “star” treatment and publicity for their websites.

It is through this particular influence, and this particular group that much disinformation is being spread. Mike Quinsey is innocent, of course, and not even aware of the possibility of dark operations being used against himself and all of us through these failed operations (Neptune/Nebulina). Such as “containers” (Linda Dillon) being used to control members of the dark cabal. This is another controversy and is in direct conflict with Agarthan “light chambers” to assist us in the ascension process (Sheldan Nidle). Please use your highest discernment and do not fall for further ploys and disinformation coming from this group.

This is a very professional group of hosts. Stephen Cook is a great handler of guests, there is no doubt of it. Very slick operations.

This is my opinion but I am not interested in anything further from those who have spread lies and disinfo TWICE before. Why give them a chance to go further? What will Lightworkers fall for next? It’s a choice but I choose to switch these programs OFF. Thank you…

As we journey on together ~ the plot thickens, so please pay close attention to where these things originate. This is all I ask for here.

This just in, immediately after posting, from James. I’m staying with this article, because I believe it has validity:

Everyonce in a while a news feed gets past us posted on the ECETI list. Having not read the entire article about all the confusion and having not written it as some believe there could have been some errors. There have been many claims of mass landings, mass beam ups, disclosure etc yet the dates come and go. I cringe when I hear these dates given for full disclosure by ETs or goberment officials. The disempowering messages of ETs coming to clean up all our messes also is disheartening yet I did not write the message trouble in the Galactic Fed and sorry it got posted. Not my job to be the contactee police. Be well
James Gilliland

Regarding ‘Drake’, he emailed me a couple days ago and told me personally that HAARP had been shut down some weeks ago. Let me ask you, who are you going to believe – Drake or Dutchsinse, who is reporting that it is still very active? Frankly, I’m going with Dutch! I’ve also been sitting on the following information for a very long time, not sure what to do with it, but after last weekend’s activities I’ve decided it is time to report it:

Who is DRAKE: The Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon
Source: The Project Avalon Forum
Published: April 24, 2012

Where to start? … I am presenting this information in neutrality as I am currently walking the line between revelation and disillusionment. TRUTH IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Firstly, the man’s name is Drake K. Bailey. I need no justification in order to divulge his name as he has left it plainly for all to see on many forums and he has stated it publicly on interviews in the past 5 years. He has also left his email addresses out in plain view as well, so that people could contact him and join his group(s).

There are 4-5 email addresses and a few screen names which can be found in the links provided, so I will not directly post them here. Please though, don’t be a paparazzi proctologist. Call in to a show maybe, because there is a whole can of worms in this thread with questions that beg to be answered. ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO THE DRAGON COURT AND ORDER AND THE NAHASH ILLUMINATI.

I will post enough information for you to see the connections and proof therein. If you take the time to read through all of what Drake has said in the past 15 years you will find two very different personas, they are the same person though, as you will see.

There is the Vietnam veteran, also known as “ka-boom”, who served from around 1966-1968. He counsels people dealing with PTSD, he *is a member* of the Vietnam Brotherhood, and has “filled his share of body bags.”

Then there is the other side of the coin–Drake the occultist. I know that term carries negative connotations for some, but just take some time to digest this post in its entirety before you go and lose your head.

Before I dive into everything it should be noted that Drake tried to contact Benjamin Fulford on 11/30/2011:…r-new-fin.html

He also was commenting on David Wilcock’s site before the Financial Tyranny article even came out:…occupyyourself

Just go to the link and hit CTRL F and type in “DKBailey” for the first link, and “Freeman” for the second. You will see his comment on 11/25/2011 and 1/28/2012 respectively.

Some will say this could be someone else, but it is not.

Read on with diligence and you will recognize this man’s interests and writing style.
This part of what I have to share is mostly irrelevant considering the rest of the story…

One more thing, he’s tried to contact Jesse Ventura as well (through of all things) on 4/23/2010:

Quote Drake K. Bailey says:
We have a lot of the rest of the info you’re looking for…
Been trying to contact you on this and other subjects.


You can also view his profile which has his verified name and the alias “Freeman.” It is here:

Okay now for the more interesting things. He is a member of the RUMORMILL NEWS and OPEN FIRE Yahoo Group, and while I was reading through his different conversations I found this:

Quote A simple application like this takes enormous individual effort and awareness to be real.
This is a concept that I teach when called to do so on Humanity Healing web site. I am an advisor/mentor there.
Being blood related to an Apache tribe, my grandfather taught me many things, as many as I could hear at that age.
Nice video…


So I go to, do a user search, and find his profile along with his comments and discussions.

This is from his “About Me” section on his profile page:

Quote Still and forever a student of the unity point known as The Creator.
I am not an artist as those who put the video’s together, my art is that of the ability to join the worlds of majic and reality together that others may experience the reality of The Great Spirit, up close and personal.
We are those who show The Path to others in the ancient tradition of a shaman.
I am known as The Dragon Master, White Dragon, as is stated in the old legend. I still have a few requirements to meet before the great conflict starts.
I am and have been a Rainbow Warrior for a long time.
The more knowledge I find, the more now I am relieved of dealing with the more direct conflicts. This has morphed into a better relationship with Creation and allowed a greater depth to applicable understanding.
I am able to converse with all the creatures I have come across in our small woods. From insects to birds, we are friends. I provide some food and water as my small attempt to pay them back in some small portion for what other men have done to them and the woods.There is some info on my web site that explains more of what we do and are about.
Another Website that you can be visited at:


On the same page we find this:

Quote I am not sure you understand what I’m expressing here.
This is not as it seems in terms dealing with the basis of the existance of realms.
Yes, I hold several ‘positions of responsibilities’. The part dealing with light and dark as such seems to escape most understanding in that this is very ‘real’. To be blunt, only if ‘they’ can pass by me ‘they’ will gain access to all the rest of you…like it or not, I was given the all facing rainbow sword. It was inferred with responsibility to defend our existance against those who are the thieves of light. These are few, have limited powers, and seem to like challenging me. The challenges are on several levels, physical realm, psychic, and mental power abilities. To date, I find their best to be lacking and not in a real position to offer too much of a real challenge to me. However, the average person would find them and their actions formidable in all realms.
What you will be required to face is an overwhelming amount and quantity of your greatest fears. Accompanying this is a basic loss of orientation, understanding, and lack of the ability to apply any understanding…it is not a nice ‘place’… Then there is the minor problem of dealing with being directly affronted in the way you are most vulnerable and least able to resist.
The ‘seer’ before the last was a little more forthcoming in that I was able to exact a general report. That person expressed that I must learn as much of all of the ‘things’ involved with my status as quickly as possible for my own survival. Unable to access the info I needed, I enlisted my friend The Guardian of The Gate. He protected me until I learned enough to defend myself. Since that day I have been under constant threat of these ‘entities’ and confronted on every level ‘they’ percieved that gave them any advantage. At present they are attempting to stop me from writing this…
When a ‘being’ of greater power is intent on disrupting your life force things get a little difficult and just plane harry!!! I am eternally grateful that I am a combat vet or I wouldn’t know what to do with it all.
These are the anti-thesis to everything good that is known. They are gaining power as they can in order to put out the light. Their partners in this are due to arrive here at some time in the near future…I have no idea as to what realm, form, or time as yet.
I hope no harm comes to you if you decide to ‘look’ into this. Just be aware that you may not even recognise them as to what they are, so be ready to do battle or you too might not come back.
Armour of light over the silver light will protect you but only for the time it takes to escape. Be very careful and God speed.

I know what you’re thinking.. What in the hell is going on here? What is he alluding to? Well I kept digging so don’t worry, let’s just keep pulling this string.

You can read through all of his discussions on the HH website here:…=1qkttuzgzg3iu

Okay, so there was a website he linked to on his profile page. Well, it is now inactive. No worries though, we can just plug it into the internet archives and take a peek at some snapshots to see what it was all about.

Here you go:…

Explore that as much as you want, but be sure to scroll to the end of the page and look at who the webmaster is.

On this website of his we find this:

Quote curriculum of The Royal Institute

What is this, and how does it relate to Drake? Fire up your search engines and I’ll show you.

Take a look at email 99.79.8 on this page:…electrons.html

You will see that Drake has given himself a name tag:

Quote DK Bailey
L.O.R.D. Associate &
Official Spokesman
The Royal Institute

Okay, so we see he is the Official Spokesman of The Royal Institute and that he is a L.O.R.D. Associate. Let’s continue persuing the first title before we get to the latter.

Here is the link explaining what The Royal Institute is about and it’s materials of study:…roduction.html


From this we can see Drake’s intense passion for ancient mathematics, sacred geometry, gematria, pyramids, UFOs, harmonics, ascension, egypt, the occult, etc. He may as well be a member here on PA (he is not). 

Let’s dig a little here, before we move on.

He has been trying to recruit people to join his group whose mission it is to actualize the ancient’s knowledge into a practical technology. That’s what I got from it all. Feel free to browse through all of his conversations about physics here:…/message/12626….hysics&tid=891

Then there’s this:

Quote This is my first visit to the boards, so bear with me, and try to overlook my lack of knowledge in this area.

This post is a question, a loaded one.

I am looking for the basis and origins of several interelated items.

The SATOR-ROTAS seems to have a slanted interpretaion in the translation I found. To go along with the religeous slant, there was no explanaton of its inception other than a monk decided to draw it. That seems too arbitrary, but is this factual? Then as well, there are many old traditions that have ancient ties in similar ways, such as the example of the ‘eastern star’ and all that goes with it.

The main subject above is also in lattin something I know nothing about again.

However, when looking at it, there is a cross formed in the middle by the word TENET. The meaning is stated as rules or workings, is this correct? Then this devides the square into four quadrants, any info on the significances of all this?

I’ll make a display so everyone can see this, but just search SATOR-ROTAS to see the source.

S A T O R A magic square, a devine one? Translation? Origins?

A R E P O This is one of the basis for bible numerology, we are looking at

T E N E T this as biblical numbers that agree with the Book.

O P E R A There are numerical squares, but they agree with the above,

R O T A S and the Book too.

Finding info is difficult enough and then someone loads what they do get with their personal beliefs. That is also our stated rule of presentations that we make. No personal items of any kind are included. Our group has so far formed a direct mathematical link between Gematria and the fine structure constant( the basis for nuclear physics).

DKBailey L.O.R.D. Associate

and this…

Quote It would be a great assistance if you would.

To those who are curious as to this, the applications seem to be one of a glass plotting field like the military use on their ships. The second area is one of creating a 3D reality image of the resultants we have already found.

The third is to open this door, as it has been designated.

I believe we have the location of the starway that leads to this, and all that is needed now is an accurate translation to finish the work.IF anyone knows the origin of this in idealogical form please let me know.

Thank you all.



Then there’s this taken from….hysics&tid=891 :

Quote I was led to belive that there were real scientific minds involved in these board posts.

If you have any math background or general knowledge of physics you will recognise a portion of what I posted.

I am currently working actively with Jerry Luliano who is associated with Dr.Leahy. Then there are people such as Hoagland, Sitchen, and others.

Try looking at Carl Munks site. Or try this list, 82944 and the God particle, Geomusic, or All relativity, math, and ancient sites on line.

After that equate what is known from these to our present theoretical applications and you will find that the present system cannot compute reality or creation based ideas in our current mathematical comprehention. However, when looked at through the application of the ancient numbers of Gematria, computation is possible. Unity of mind and reality were what that was all about.

Yes, you do not understand, exactly that. There is a major gap between ideology and theoretical physics applications that requires a mind that is open enough to reasonably look at that which is beyond your limitation of understanding of reality and its presentation.
Dr. Colon James Hamer’s site is one place you can find one reference to a partial listing of our research sites. It is called Creativity House. You will find some interesting reviews of many of the books and articles published by some of the best known researchers on the planet as well. I am in contact with many of them.

No sheep, please. The planet is full of them. I prefer those who are actively involved in teaching or research of theoretical physics and mathematics. The closer to the cutting edge the better.

We are actively seeking funding to prototype our findings. A fully functional physics lab of our specifications would be required. As to personal financial requirements, presently our group is starting out. We have a class that brings one up to speed in the knowledge to function at this level. The class needs about $150 to put it on line. The cost of the class is $63.36. We offer an advanced class on location following that. We intend to offer a news letter and membership. Members get discounts on costs.

Math of The Ancients referes to those who knew what you would see at certain archealogical sites in mathematical form, and their respective applications, intent and usages.

The reference to the trinity is one dealing with the first used number of three(3). In all its implications. To deny this is to deny your own existance, and much of the basis of the math as posted. A flat geometric does not allow for a real object or any ideas of quanta either, now does it?

A persons physicality as you know it resides in the body, and intellect alone? Then what of psychic or spiritual experiences? Beyond that, then show me how to state these things in formula with the accent on bringing these things into reality.

We have many of the mathematical proofs for thought, spirit, and reality. This is what is offered. With a proper lab they can be proved, just as the mathematics states. Send me an E and I’ll send you a paper that will show you an overview of this. Feel free to post it if you want.

You state that reality is the only consideration of all who post on this site. I offer the rest of the equation that ties expressions of present physics all the way to the spiritual realm of reality.

Remember in the interview with DW, when they were talking about advanced technology? The “materializer” – this was one of the things he was trying to work on… using harmonic frequencies and such.. He talked about it briefly (and I mean only for a sentence or two) somewhere in these conversations. Feel free to click on the links and explore the dialogue.

On most of these types of physics forums his presence seemed to annoy most of the PhD holders. His stated reason for being there was that he was essentially “fishing” for people to join his team for research.

One more while we are here:

Quote I have only one question.
As I do not know the levels any of you might have attained,it is sort of an open ended one.
Within the three level ascension, there is found the levels of psychic, demi-god, and creator.
Has anyone gained audience with the demi-gods,started their physical metamorphysis, or ascended?
Let me know.


Okay, now I feel we can move on to the next part. What is L.O.R.D. associate?

It stands for Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon. The original Nahash Illuminati.

You have to view Drake’s “The Royal Institute” page through the internet archives to make the connection:…roduction.html

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next, click the “Assorted Equations for Initiates” link under GEOMUSIC ARTICLES AND DIAGRAMS.

You should be at this page now (this next quote was not made by Drake, nor was it taken directly from his website, it is from a link on a website of his):…nkeely/ae.html

Scroll to the bottom again and you will find this:

Quote These will be comprehensive to the initiates of the Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon (the original Nahash Illuminati) obviously anyone stumbling upon these serious meaningful equations will need the backround info of The Code Of The Ancients…

Drake means Dragon, and as I’ve previously stated in another thread, there are no coincidences.

This is only part one, which is just THE FACTS.

Everything is not as it seems with Drake, I will say that much.

Please, put down the popcorn and DIG into the information I have presented here before you click reply and tell me that Drake has said that people post under his name yata yata yata.

I will leave you with this…

Posted by Drake on Humanity Healing in 2008:

Quote I am, and have been a Rainbow Warrior most of my life. As such I am the defender few experience and fewer ‘see’. I am the one standing between those who misuse their powers that visit the innocent in dreams. I was commissioned through ceremony, recomended by the lesser gods to the greater gods, and given great understandings, those beyond most comprehension.As such I will stand my post to be called when needed.
Because of this I am attempting to offer information to be heralded through-out mankind, that man might once again be free to enjoy peace.
Due to my position I have been very busy in efforts to start a world wide peace process involving Iraq and the middle east. The opening of dialog with all our fellow earthlings is just the beginning. There is a great deal more to come
. I am a licensed counselor of a different sort. I do not get into a persons head. Rather I give them the tools needed for them to heal themselves. My primary areas are P.T.S.D. for veterans and families in distress. My system works on any kind of stress from any source.
I hope this clearifies what is presented here.
I have been given permission to illucidate on being a light being.This will be a part of my final posting for these purposes.

I really could have bolded that whole quote.

Here’s the last one I’ll share and then y’all are going to have to read the rest for yourselves:

Quote Date and time: Dec 7, 2001:12:37 EST
Name: Drake Bailey
Country: United States
Seems that there are many of these maps and sites about the destruction of the majority of humanity. Who is looking at what changes are called for to prevent these things in the future? I understand that there might be ways to modify the coming events as well, who knows about that? What length of time before we are at the point that our survival is no longer in jepardy afterwards? How much of all this has been compared or overlayed to see where we might best survive? Our research group has been involved in this and other areas for some time now, and we do see this coming, but our dates are different as to meaning. 1998 + 3, 2003-7 & 2012. The first, the point of no return, or beginning; second, the real obvious beginning of change as in the magnetic shifts & weather, and volcanistics begin; third, the major shifts take place, or the hight of them. My best educated guess is that by 2015 things should be settled down pretty much, got anything on that? Has the cause and effect of why been addressed? Is this realy a natural thing, or is there some entity involved? I would like those things to be addressed. Thank you for your time. DKB

From the OPEN FIRE yahoo group of which he is a member.

Again I want to reiterate that I’m not going to inject any bias into what is presented here. Could he be who he says he is in his entirety? Or could he just be a guy with delusions of granduer? I’m just presenting the facts here. This is about scrutiny.

As I said I’ll post part two later tonight. I have to eat and give my fingers a rest.

Fire up your search engines.


P.S. added May 7, 2012 by Paul:

Drake has contacted us (this forum’s moderators) objecting to the accuracy of some of the material above. We have invited him to provide us with his own statement on these matters, for us to consider posting here, so long as it is in accordance with our forum guidelines.

Meanwhile, pending the receipt of such a statement from Drake, I am posting below some comments he made on these matters, taken from KiwiElf’s transcript of a recent audio of Deatra and Drake available here.

In this audio, Drake said (in part, and modulo any errors in transcription):

Quote Some of the information’s correct. Information wise, they’ve made
a couple of glaring errors. One of the things I see that they’re really adept
at doing is creating controversy by taking a snip out of somebody’s
overall conversation and saying, “See, I told ya he was nasty,” sorta
thing. Clearly childish in some ways, but it put an interesting political
spin on it. Now, I was a member of a group of veterans called, The Vietnam
Brotherhood, and they’re trying to say that, or state, actually they do
state, in that post, that I was the founder of it, which I am not.Now, what they don’t know is that these people are very sensitive about
that, and I’ll be surprised if they don’t file in conjunction with me,
the law suit that is probably gonna come at ya.The second part of this is, where they accuse me of being an “Illuminati”
and I really take issue with that because I am not a baby-torturing
thinga-ma-bob that most of the Illuminati are. They accuse me of this
because I, at one time I was affiliated with a group known as Loyal
Order of the Royal Dragon.Now anybody that’s done any homework listening to anything and paid
any attention at all has heard of the White Dragon Society, they have
heard of the “families”. That’s what this pertains to. It does not have
diddely squat to do with the Illuminati! The Illuminati won’t go near
those people for one fact: their orders from the “higher ups” in those
groups is to dismember them on sight. And I guarantee you, I know a few
of these people and they are very much capable of doing just exactly that.Now, I have talked to a couple of people and they’re having a little
trouble correlating Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon with the Dragon
Family. This goes to a secret society royal bloodline that are the ones
who kept the collateral accounts safe. Now that’s pretty awesome if
you think about it. This is what we’re fighting against, the present
economic system, about these people stealing, leveraging borrowing
from these collateral accounts for years. Not only do they owe that,
they also owe a per annum fee for portions of the allowed usage of those
collateral accounts. At this point, they cannot pay.Well, the problem with the combination of that is, the Illuminati would
love to get their scanners on those accounts, simply so they can continue
to suppress the people, and the efforts of the website tend to show that
these people seem to like that idea, or they would not denigrate someone
without doing research. Now the research is simple. Anybody who’s got a
computer can look up “The Vietnam Brotherhood” and see that I’m not the
owner, they don’t got one. And I was not the founder,.. I joined long
after they started.

Number two. Anybody with a computer, and you know, you gotta be able
to type a lil bit … you know, L, O, R, D … when you put that into
the computer: Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon, look at the Royal Dragon
Society and then you’ll understand, because it is a “loyalty oath” to the
morality involved in the lives lead by the people who were responsible,
not only “to” but also “for” other people. For their betterment to make
sure their lives were not… too unbearable, and this was done in a
variety of ways, and has been for thousands of years.

So, you have denigrated the Dragon Families and the people associated
with them in this process.

**EDIT/UPDATE** – see response to Drake’s comments here:…l=1#post483938

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Rise and rise again…

Thunderbolts of the Gods – [url][/url]

The Mechanics of the Matrix – [url][/url]

Warriors – [url][/url]

[B][I]Joie de Vivre[/I][/B]

I’m posting all this information here so everyone can chew on it and have discussions on it —because maybe I’m out in left field, but—maybe not. All I ask is that you not be disrespectful of anyone as you voice your opinions. I’d also like to suggest that before you simply ‘vent’, which many of us need to do, that you consider if my blog is really the place for it. Perhaps a session at the gym would be better. Instead of venting, I’d prefer to have your considered Comments offered here for our thoughtful perusal.

Finally, we had this post show up from a reader, Michael, who couldn’t wait any longer: The Global Announcement – written by a reader, Michael, who just couldn’t wait any longer :) Thanks, Mike and hugs, ~Jean

It seems to me we can forget the disinfo being fired at us, family. I don’t think there is going to be any catastrophe! The ONE has decided! We’re manifesting the change, and this post along with all the other information I’ve shared in it—and much more that I haven’t shared, but that you yourselves know about—is a sign to su from the Universe that it is happening!

Love and hugs,
~Jean link to original article


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