Lucas – Experiencing Creation And Manifesting The Blue-Print In Reality – 25 October 2012

In my vision of a dream I manifested my new paradigm reality fo all humankind. What a lot of people have not seen that  have been part of that great shift into the new paradigm on the 21 October 2012 in our world focus is that we really have shifted into the new paradigm. We created the new blue-print already in the now. Our new reality.

People that have shifted and gone trough that portal need to know we are  having now greater abilities as the gods we are ourselves to manifest those latent blue-print parts into reality one by one. We need to do that all. That is our focus we need to work on these last weeks till the 12/12 portal that will bring the manifested blue-print in to being and it will be put into place and completed in the nine days following till 21 december 2012.

We are in a way already living without time and have the ability in the stages of our development to create and desire all from unconditional love and it will manifest quicker than ever seen before. We are in a between fase of getting tot completion of our 5D shift with mother earth. Act like the loving gods you are and be the manifesters  or the new blue-print and make that what only is needed in this reality be happening. Know we are all in a field of constant change brought by the desires and thoughts and wishes that are coming from your heart and be manifested via your visual manifestation via your third eye and or are spoken out via your mouth (throat chakra). See things be built and see things become.

The world is changed for evermore for you that have been part and have been shifting in the portal. We will make things happen now. We only need only now our priorities straight to focus all that is of the highest possible light into reality of the blue-print we have been taken with us from 21 October 2012.  The time of hopeping for wonders is over. You are the creators of wonders now. You are the witches so to say that can make things become with one wave with your wand to be. Your are creators of the new reality be aware of your task.

You have come to make this happening even when you see al those other timelines and surrounding you which you can still be part of but are not direct influenced by anymore.  You have become truly the frontrunners and others who missed the boat on the 21 October need to find their way into the new paradigm on their own. Doing things from the heart and from uncondtional love will help. It is done and it be so. The dreamtime manifesting is  started.  Be focussed on that what you wanna manifest as it is yours and accept it fully. Think of that what we can manifest for all the better of mankind in the reality now.  We are building our new future lovely ones.

Greetings and Love to all who have now become the new shapers of reality that is going to be in a couple of weeks our new 5D reality.  It is, It will be and so it be done.

Love and Light,


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