Ron Van Dyke – The Hero’s Journey & Blind Faith – 25 October 2012

Uploaded on 25 October 2012 by Here at the Center last night, we watched the movie: Finding Joe. It was a film based on the work of Joseph Campbell, famed mythologist. He was the author of Hero with a Thousand Faces and was featured on the Public Broadcasting Network talking about the hero’s journey. As usual, discussion followed. I continue pondering the theme this morning. Just what does it mean to follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell called it? One thing it is not! It is not marching to the beat of another drummer, or following in blind faith to the precepts laid down by a religion, a political party or any other outside influence. It is finding the unique beat of your own drum, listening to your Higher Self that calls you on the journey of your life, the ultimate journey that makes you the hero: finding your Divine and Human Self.

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