Andrea – This Is A Human Heart – 26 October 2012

Can you tell if it’s from a US citizen? Or maybe from a Chinese or Spanish one?

Can you say if this Heart is in a Republican, Democrat, Green, Liberal body?

Is it a woman or a man? Maybe a child?

A piest or a pilot?

Or maybe it’s yours?

Is it already Free to BE or is it still veiled by illusion?

Has the body bearing this Heart Loved or has it lost itSelf with hate?

Did it travel? Does it Love art or walking into Nature? Is it fulfilled or looking for itSelf?

Is it a Lightworker or part of the cabal?

What do you See?

Can you tell?

Can you put labels on a Heart?

A Heart is simply a Heart, no matter where it IS it will always BE a Heart.

What the Human Being does with it (let it BE or hide it) has nothing to do with the Heart’s Truth.

The Heart will Beat no matter what.

It Loves, no matter what.

That is it’s Divine Mission.

Nex time you get to see something that brings you to separate yourself from others and to judge them, Re-Member.

Remember that Heart that Beats within. It’s simply asking to BE what it IS.

Dissolve the fear action and Love that Heart.

See its Truth.

You got the same Heart!

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