The Galactic Free Press Update: The New Power With in Equality Has Begun – 26 October 2012

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Greetings Love Beings, Since our last portal opening, Waves and Waves of Love Coupled with the incoming Oneness Energies are arriving at full speed ahead. The old power over is done, the New Power With in True Equality, Unity and Unconditional Love Has already Begun. Love and Unity Beings are Now Stepping forward Through Our last Portal Opening into the New Paradigm to Begin Manifesting the New Earth=Heart.

Quoted from Lucas “What a lot of people have not seen yet or understood is that through this last portal of October 21st 2012 … we really have shifted into the new paradigm. We have created the new blue-print already in the now. Our new reality.

People that have shifted and gone through this portal need to know we are  having now greater abilities as the gods we are our… to manifest those latent blue-print parts into reality one by one. We need to do this together in unity. That is our focus we need to work on these last weeks till the 12/12 portal that will bring the manifested blue-print in to being and it will be put into place and completed in the nine days following till 21 december 2012.

We are in a way already living without time and have the ability in these stages of our development to create …all from unconditional love and it will manifest quicker than ever seen before. We are in between phases of  the completion of our 5D shift with mother earth. Act like the loving gods you are and be the manifesters  of the new blue-print and make that what only is needed in this reality be happening…

The world is changed for evermore … We will make things happen now. We only need … to focus on all that is of the highest possible light into reality of the blue-print we have been taken with us from 21 October 2012.  The time of hoping for wonders and miracles is over. You are the creators of these now.

Your are creators of the new reality be aware of your task.

You have come to make this happen… You have become truly the frontrunners and others who missed the boat on the 21 October need to find their way into the new paradigm on their own. Doing things from the heart and from unconditional love will help…” End of Quote

Quoted from Bill Ballard”So it is certain now we did go through a portal on 10-21-12. Those of us who stepped through and into New Earth are watching as our dreams, visions and that we put to the field is returning instantly or within the same day. We are coming closer to materialization rather than manifestation. That was the promise of New 5D Earth so many of us have been speaking of for so long. So much has shifted since the other day..” End of quote

Wave ON Wave

Sunspot 1598 poses a threat for M- and X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Our sun remains Active with several low class flares in the past 24 hours. This could very well be the calm before a large eruption from  Large Sunspot 1598,which would be facing earth.

Rainbow and Awesome Clouds – Vision at Dawn – site

Weather Report from Earth Ally Rain: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked Costa Rica on 10/24 but no major damage or injuries were reported. A severe weather system bringing torrential rain and large hailstones struck South Africa.Torrential rains in northwestern Turkey caused flooding that killed three people and trapped 300 people who were later evacuated. Hurricane Sandy roared across Jamaica carrying heavy winds and rain, causing some damage and a few casualties. Hurricane sandy is a unique event in modern weather – in terms of path, timing, structure, and intensity. Some reports are saying this storm could hit the washington Dc and cape cod area as both a hurricane and a Snow storm. We will be observing this closely and updating everyone.

In the past week, 3 volcanoes showed new activity/unrest:
| Alaid, Kuril Islands (Russia), Kliuchevskoi, Central Kamchatka (Russia), and Raung, Eastern Java (Indonesia). Within the past few days, the lava lake at Kilauea volcano on Hawai’i within Halema‘uma‘u crater has risen to a record levels.”

Important Message from Earth Ally Andrea~ Get off Your Knees

True Equality and Peace for This Planet is Being Declared by Humanity Along with MotherEarth=Heart Herself. This Energy was Ignited through our last Portal opening. All which is not in alignment with the Unity Consciousness on the Planet will be a part of the deep cleansing which is well underway energetically. Along with these intense Light Energies always comes with a deep cleansing.This incoming cleansing will be occurring through all levels on the Planet and this will be effecting the Entire Collective Consciousness. Whatever this looks like and how its arriving we will all have to see as it unfolds.

Quoted from Jeane Haines “Yesterday morning, the Oracle Report said: “When the Sun entered Scorpio today, it launched an X1 class flare.

“This is spectacular!  It’s a statement.  [It’s a sign from the Universe.~J] The Sun is an ally of the Earth (Gaia/Sophia) and made the decision long ago to assist in her divine experiment.  The Sun is going to join in purging darkness during its journey through Scorpio over the next 30 days.  It is going to help open new doors and opportunities by taking the past very, very far away in our perception of things.” What a wonderful message from the Universe to us!” End of quote

The Choice to Choose Love and Move into Unity on this Planet is Now. As the Light will continue to become Brighter and Brighter. The Light has Expanded greatly just in the last 5 days alone. As we continue in this energy we will continue to expand energetically adding increased pressure on the old paradigm to completely collapse, making way for a smooth transition into the New Paradigm where Only Love is the Law. The Light is Shining Bright into all the perceived illusionary darkness and we have shared before there is no where to go for the denser energies either they will transform as the truth is revealed or leave the planet. These are now the remaining choices.

We will be assisted in this energy with an incoming Grounding of a Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio. This represents revealing hidden Truths and also will assist the Planet in digging deep into the Consciousness to bring about transformation, change and rebirth.

Quoted from Jamye Price”On 10/29 we have a full moon in Taurus with the sun in Scorpio, bringing some stability to our choices.  The north node and Saturn are in Scorpio for an extended stay, bringing a lot of deep change.  Scorpio is all about the unknown, the mysterious, the hidden, sexuality and death/rebirth.  This is a powerful time to be reborn from the scorpion to the eagle.  The ultimate Ascension!”

The Truth and Love are pouring into this Planet now via Truth Information which will be burning through the density at a quick rate. This is to open the space for the higher energies to enter to prepare for our Galactic Alignment. Humanity and Mother Earth have a date with Divine Destiny in which cannot be missed.

No Matter what, The Truth is being revealed and as we shared will begin being revealed now at a quicker rate. These will be in the form of New Revelations and also the revealing of all lies, anything hidden, fantasy’s, and untruths. Through this cleansing, Love Becomes Made Manifest On Mother Earth=Heart. Love Has Truly Won!

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