Lucas – A Release Of Dark Energies Has Been Felt That Has Been Transmuted Into The Light – 27 October 2012

After  my usual talks with lots of people about things going on in the world,  I have been feeling this afternoon the residue disperse of the dark energy that was released from the planet last night.  It has been transmuted and it is transformed and is not gonna be harmful in any way anymore.  As lightworkers and lightwarriors we still get confronted with those people who consciously still have their 3D/4 D experiences in duality by letting their EGO matters be prevalent to their own opening up of their heart and the feeling of love and Oneness. Instead they are doing rituals and dark magic. Also those that still have (spiritual) EGO and duality issues will respond accordingly to them being called out for what they are, not being in the heart where they find unconditional love and unity.

I have only compassion for those beings that still can not find their truth by finding it within. It is not in gathering more EGO, in any form and way you can think of but letting go of that.  Those things that you get attached to that have no value or meaning in Oneness need to be gone.  In letting go of fear you will also lose all that is not relevant anymore  as an expression of fear. Being a victim, still waiting for someone to rescue you, still acknowledging leaders, gurus and teachers, and follow them, still looking more at your 3D problems of having things, wanting and living things in a 3D duality perspective, this is all fear.

Step out of your illusion you have been living and step into your heart to dream big with us to make the already manifested blue-print of our new 5 D world happen in the now. What is your dream just being dreaming about or dreaming things you can really manifest in the now.  The really hard bit is to listen to your heart and be guided by your unconditional love that it speaks. It is surrendering and letting go all to gain more than you ever dreamt of as you will see you can manifest all yourself and collectively to be now existing.

We need only change our perspective. Come out of your EGO. Come out of you being victim or you victimizing others.  Come out of your love of EGO and EGO disguised as love.  This reflects no real love just a facade that is not love. It shows when you truly feel some bodies heart energy. And you can. It will show easily to you who is the real thing and who is not. Remember the time has come to speak out to those that still get in their EGO and stay in 3D that way.  It is time to confront them with their 3D actions and behaviours. I do not really care if it is someone who thinks to be of standing or even one that threatens people to stay attached to the hidden agendas all EGOs have.

You will not hurt the person as you call out to his heart and what hurts is only the EGO.  EGO will react one way or they other. It will have a comment, a judgement, a remark,  it will be playing victim, ask negative attention, it will threaten or even attack.  People listen to your heart and it will tell you where it has lost you.  It lost your connection as it was in the mind and filled with EGO and dualities.  It was thinking from the mind and not from the heart.  For those still complaining about everything look and see what you can do to change.  For those attacking all and saying they do all wrong or see all wrong, go ask yourself what did you see wrong.

What is the message in EGO,  in Spiritual EGO, in being fully possessed by control, by doing things just for causing pain, suffering, or hurt or personal gain.What is the message in being dividing people under the motto and veil of EGO based love and letting people belief the spiritual message is to be paid for in more than what is needed for making just a living, doing things only for making profits. What is love if you need to buy gifts for loved ones if you’re not just loving from your heart unconditionally,  it is just a way buying out of hurt and fear in that way. What about giving a gift and stating the next sentence that is to be paid for.

I see the thinking process of some lightworkers who gather and pay for a seat. Wow what did you miss! All of it. As you have no guru, no teacher, nor a leader, there is only you. You that can give yourself all the gifts of love you want. And you can initiate yourself in all matters or grades whatsoever. You need no certificate or ritual for it. It is you. Your power from within and the master you are is what initiates. It is you that has the connection. It is for those still not in their hearts difficult to grasp this. Even those teaching, channeling that all is coming from someone or something else are speaking no truth.

All is One and you are part of the One and therefore all comes from the Oneness that we all are. It is our source our core of being light and love. We are all (inter)connected in all.  See it as you are part of the universe and the universe is also in you, in every atom, cell and part of you.  it is everywhere. You are the greatest master upon earth walking. All the masters of light and prophets wanted to let you know that in all their scriptures and traditions. You need no  rituals or magic to turn to as you can create from love and unconditional love with a fully activated heart and opened heart everything.

See love as your answer not EGO and duality. It is time for you to come out of that closet of negativity, duality and EGO and be One with all those being in their hearts in Oneness. The energies of unconditional love are far much greater than evil and negative forces will and can be.  Love you all.

Love and light,


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  1. very helpful interesting and very appropriate for me at this time on this day well yesterday but i was busy then that was what was going on for me then though so this is in retrospect and the ripples go on but hopefully this will lend more of a true perspective to have on these matters into the future past present thank you linda