Visionkeeper – Such A Long Journey – 27 October 2012


This has been such a long journey with many mountains to climb, but thankfully we are nearing the end. Sit quietly and think about it for a moment. Think about all you have met along the way, the lies that have been revealed and how they changed our lives, the constant shifting and expansion of our consciousness, the ah ha moments that keep exploding in our minds, the ability to see what staying in our heart does for our life, the downfall of the old paradigm, the new paradigm slowly moving into place in small ways, our continual coming together in thought and spirit and so much more. It has happened and is happening everyday and often people don’t take the time to realize the magnitude of what is taking place. It truly is remarkable!

The community of awake wayseers has grown steadily and our connections with each other have strengthened as well. The love from so many hearts burns brightly around the world and the vibration is being felt by all. This vibration is powerful and is directing a great deal of what is going on in the world right now. No matter what negative energies are being pulsed out into the universe the love vibration is trying hard to negate it and shift it into a higher state. Love conquers all, how long have we all heard that saying and now we are coming to the full realization of just what that means.

As I sit and await this storm that is headed to the East Coast I have to wonder if this is all mother nature or whether other hands have played a part in this storms mega creation. If this storm has indeed been manipulated then I will feel great disgust with what they are trying to do. I am beyond weary of watching innocent lives being taken for evil purposes. I hope we can all try to undo the energy of this storm with our thoughts and prayers and try to take away some of its energy. If we are creators I see no reason why we cannot deflect or lessen a storm as well for the good and well-being of all in its path. Please let us try!

I know many of you out there are weary of this battle we are waging as well. Mostly because it is so unnecessary and all that suffer because of this battle suffer needlessly. It is so time for all of this insanity to stop. I am sure at times many just wish to quit and run away, but we must find the strength to press onward towards the light. We must not let them wear us down or creep into our brains and alter our moods. If we stay in our hearts and be love they cannot reach our frequency as we will be well above theirs. To stay in your hearts is to stay safe and above all, free! It is important to remember this for they will try anything to throw us off-balance. Stay centered and remain strong.

We have come so far and done so much. I am so proud of so many people who have chosen to face the truth, open their hearts and refuse to comply with the insanity! I hope you will allow yourselves to feel the pride as well for all of your hard efforts. Do not ever forget to be kind to yourselves on this journey, it is you doing the hard work. It is you that should feel the pride of your job well done. So often we forget to take the time to do this and it is so important, especially since we struggle on our journey among many who do not understand and can be of little support to us. We have done a wonderful job to date and will continue to do so, as long as it takes to secure our freedom to create our new world. Blessings to my fellow Wayseers and my heartfelt thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do!

Happy Weekend Blessings to all,

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