Bryan Norcross – Sandy On Track – But Is The Message Getting Out? – 28 October 2012

Bryan Norcross’ Official Blog

Sandy the super-unusual, combo hurricane/nor’easter on the unheard-of track is coming together as forecast. The computer forecast models predicted that the winds would spread out in the nor’easter part of the storm, and the hurricane part of the storm would struggle a bit then recover. Tropical-storm force winds have spread out to the Virginia coast, and the tropical part of the system looks only so-so on the satellite.Normally we would say the fat lady has sung, and get ready to fold up our hurricane hunters and go home. But, those same reliable computer models are saying that Combo Sandy is going to get reinvigorated by the jet stream while still getting energy from the Gulf Stream tomorrow and Monday, and get stronger and bigger. And then pounce on the Northeast.

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