Kelly MacInnis – The Technology Of Creation – 28 October 2012

Deer ImageIn this document the word love is used in two contexts. With a Capital ‘L’,  Love means the force or energy that underlies all things. With a lower case ‘l’ the word means the feeling called love. Enjoy!

Everything that exists was set in motion by a single, self sustaining, resonant vibration. This vibration contains infinite potential. The vibration is called Love. We are creators. We have access to and can channel Love into forms and energies. We can also channel Love to transform existing forms and energies. There is no forcing Love. It is by creating a channel and allowing Love to flow into it that we create.

The way we create a channel is by intention, an idea of what would be interesting. That idea, or thought, is also a self sustaining, resonant vibration. Once produced, a thought exists forever. The vibration of a thought is instantly detected by us, by the feelings the thought creates.  The feelings a thought creates lets us know exactly what the thought is aligned with. As a thought interacts with the resonant vibration of Love, certain frequencies are amplified, others are reduced. As these frequencies interact, forms and energies emerge. Thoughts are a subset of the vibrational potential of Love.

The quality of Love available to us for creation has been subdued for a very long time. This has slowed the creation process and limited the reach of our creations. Subdued Love has given our ego minds the opportunity explore the creation process without causing too much trouble, too quickly. It has also given our higher aspects the opportunity to come into a deeper relationship with matter and the physical universe. The quality of Love available to us is now changing. It will soon give us much more power with which to create.

This is why it is so important to bring all of our thoughts into alignment with love. Thoughts that vibrate in a frequency range that is inconsistent with love create unpleasant outcomes. Our sojourn into the realms of fear and hatred are a perfect example of this. If we were allowed to bring our random, chaotic, untrained thought framework into the wider universe, we could create a living hell that would be difficult transform.

This process of intending and allowing is the process that has created everything that exists. It is the gentle nudging of Love in a direction, with thought, and then the wonder of seeing what Love does with that nudge. The thought, “What would it be like to take on form?” is what eventually brought us into existence. As we see what emerges from one thought, we add to it with another thought, which refines the expression. It is a simple path that leads to the most wonderful experiences.

We have seen where judgement and condemnation lead. Focusing on a problem, with thought, just refines the problem. If you think something could be better, that thought of improvement is all that is required to make it better. Everything is made of Love so anything can be influenced in this way.

Because of the nature of Love, the way things change is not exactly predictable. When we have an intention, the thought will nudge Love in that direction. The outcome is almost always different though. It has features and aspects that are deeper and broader than the original thought. Love also adds room for expansion. A creation is never really complete. Every time we refine it, Love adds more too. In this way the multidimensional universe is always expanding, in all directions.

Appreciation is a special thought. It amplifies what is. It says, “I like that. I would like more of it please.” Appreciation also carries the energy of thank you. Thank you is an honouring of God, the one that originated Love. What we are talking about here is relationship. Thank you is an expression of giving back.  The interaction of a thought and Love is a relationship. The form or energy that is created and the one that originated the thought also have a relationship. Every time we have a thought we are forming and deepening relationships with the thought, Love, God, the resulting creation, and everyone who experiences the creation. Relationships are reciprocal. The vibration of our thoughts send energy out through our feelings and subtle bodies. The response of Love sends energy back along the same path. Every creation resonates with the frequencies it was created with, subtly effecting everything else. We cannot change anything without also changing ourselves.

Through this process of creation and the resulting relationships, we are all entering into each other, constantly. The thoughts that are carried with this writing have a vibration. The act of you reading it allows the vibration, the ideas, into your consciousness. This forms a relationship that changes us both. We are now connected by our mutual experience and, to some degree, creating together. There is no difference between this interaction between us and any more physical interaction. If you are not feeling love from this interaction, it is a result of your thought framework, the thoughts and resulting feelings that you maintain. That can change, if you want it to. It is possible to feel love and thereby Love, in every interaction. Doing so is exhilarating beyond measure. It is the natural order of all of creation.

To change your mental framework, relax into love. Allow the thought of love to create feelings of ecstatic bliss, tender satisfaction, and unrestrained joy. Love will respond. You will be changed by the experience of it. A more loving expression will emerge. As you allow the feelings of love to blossom with thought, you become Love,  your true self, and your potential expands.

I Love you!

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