Lucas – Whirlwinds Of Change And A Storm That Cleanses – 28 October 2012 get often request put still in the negative form of preventing or counteract on that what is put out or is happening in the now.  A loving thought is always helping but if you wanna be your own creators in the now, as we need to have realized by now, than it is needed to positively  create with unconditional love. You create your thought from the opened heart bring it into visualization via your third eye and bring it into manifestation by invocation via your mouth/throat chakra. What we need to do now is manifesting that what is beneficial for all humankind and the world as a whole as we equally do benefit from that thought in line with 5D creation.

Maybe you already know of the cleansing effect of storms, cyclones, hurricanes, it is not all gloom and doom. It does not matter if they are partially created artificially. They  are transforming and leading away the negative energies. Cleansing is what those whirlwinds of change are about. Therefore these winds have also a spiritual aspect to them.They have a function. It is not good to just focus on things partially as it is thinking from the 3 D kind. It is seeking solutions for certain areas, groups, places, or individuals and that is in 5D perspective creation not right.  It is though not bad intended either by those wanting change. It would be better if it was a loving  thought from the heart. Love from the heart makes things include all. The heart is unconditionally loving all and therefore focusses on all in the now.

So look at storms and alike as vortexes that clean and have also a function in that way. Just focus on the best outcome for all and human kind and mother earth. Also there is sometimes damage, people hurting and people dying. It is also that it is in the line of thinking that what is created and needed in the now. Know also that those dying or hurt have in made before coming here upon earth via birth their soul contracts. Therefore many died in a sense of service to the collective. After this It maybe that people come out of 3D or Ego or find again back to their heart or those deaths have an other meaningful reason. Nothing is without reason. Think also dying you do not do. It is just a transformation from your body that separates from its essential light being.

You thus never die. You live on in a new dimension  and terms like crossover and heaven are used. It is all just as earthly 3D experience an illusion.  What ascension is also a way of transformation from the body to a higher state of being without leaving the body.  You ascend with your body in tact. Ascension is also being consciously aware with an open activated heart that you are one with all that is and have learned to life from your heart without falling back to EGO. It means not that you lose personality as that builds on the self in many lifetimes you have had and is not the same as EGO. Therefore see what happens not as a threat but as a cleaning operation that can be eased by having a thought from the heart that will address all that is happening on this world positively and feel for a better and higher  outcome for all from your unconditionally loving heart created in the now.

Love and Light,


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