Will-I-Am – Let’s Sandbag Sandy With Light – 28 October 2012

Uploaded on 10 October 2012 by (Lucas : I just have made my statement about the storm and why it is and what you can do to help and in what way in my article whirlwinds of change and a storm that cleanses . I will post this message as I have talked toWill and I will support him as it is still well intended. Love and Light to you Will I Am.)

Will-I-Am states ~  I’ve read a lot of info on how this storm has been HAARP’ed. I’ve been reading posts on the motive behind dark attempts to stop the US election by using the power of the Mother against her own creation. This plan puts innocent lives and massive amounts of property at risk.

I believe it is time  to QUICKLY launch a counter power move in the name of  Divine Light and Love. I invite the InLight-ened of this planet to counteract HAARP energy by using the power of Light to diminish this attempt by the Cabal to manipulate America’s vote.

I am putting this out there to you – the reader – to activate and focus the energy of Light you wield to diminish the dark’s desired outcome for this storm. 

Consciously call upon your Light. Ask for help of all kingdoms of the Mother. Ask for help from the Lighted beings watching over us from space – our brothers and sisters. Concentrate your focus until it is strong enough to offset the dark side manipulation of planetary weather patterns. This issue goes beyond politics. The storm is not red or blue. The impertinence of manipulating the Mother for selfish gain is the issue.

I believe putting out the call thru the Light Blogs can have an affect. If you have a blog please post. Make this go viral! Thank you.

Will I am

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