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Bill Ballard – Join To Focus Energy To Neutralize The HAARP Hurricane And Earthquakes – 29 October 2012

29 okt 2012 door Please join your intent to stop this HAARP generated Hurricane and Earthquakes going on currently. These are man made and for disruptions to the collective. Be LOVE!

Laura – How To Utilize The October 2012 Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy And Mercury Retrograde – 29 October 2012

Just a heads up and reminder: energy is energy, and you can influence its direction. If you have any situations or relationships that have long outworn their usefulness, you can do yourself and the East Coast a favor by siphoning off some of Hurricane Sandy’s energy and using it to clear out what no longer serves in your own life.

The massive influx of energies on the East Coast right now could use a little buffering. I’ve posted before that attempting to tone down something expansive presents a much larger challenge than focusing on what you do want. Spending too much focus on Sandy will only increase her force. If you do want a clearing, then you can work with the power of this storm to wash away whatever stands in your way. Continue reading


Suzanne Lie – Gaia Needs Us – 29 October 2012

Dear 5D Leaders,

We are being called on NOW to assist our friends and family in the path of Hurricane Sandy. There has already been vast damage, and the Hurricane has not even made landfall.
In two or three hours, Sandy will make landfall and raise havoc for two more days.

We are NOW called to remember how we all met in the Core of Gaia. This time, we will send our light form the Core of Gaia up into the Areas of Gaia’s land where the Hurricane is striking.
Time is an illusion, so we do not need to synchronize a specific time. All we need DO, is recall our Unity Consciousness and send our Unconditional Love to those areas. Continue reading

The Weather Channel – CONSTANT LIVE STREAM COVERAGE Of Hurricane Sandy HERE FOR YOU – 29 October 2012

op 28 okt 2012 Get the latest breaking news and information on Hurricane Sandy as it impacts the east coast. (Thanks Laura!)

Infinite Waters – Press Pause—What Kind Of Life Are You Living…We’re So Much More! – 29 October 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – Wild Storms And Divine Counterparts Made Manifest!! Life Is God (And Good Too)!! – 29 October 2012

Man oh man oh man… what an intense day in the field yesterday.  Of course, there is soooo much pure energy zooming around earth, I did anticipate an intense day, but truly got more than I bargained for!! Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Bush The Boogey Man Plays HAARP As Halloween Approaches – 29 October 2012

High level pentagon sources contacted the White Dragon Society this week to warn that the massive storm hitting the US North-East this week was a HAARP attack by the Nazi faction of the Western oligarchy. At the same time, the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu has been spotted off the coast of Aichi, Prefecture near the Nagoya headquarters of Toyota Motors. Nazi representative Richard Armitage and US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian affairs are in Tokyo now warning a massive new earthquake attack on Japan will take place as soon as they leave, unless they get their way, according to Japanese security police affiliated with the WDS.

Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 29 October 2012

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Sandy – Latest Status And Maps By Weather.com – 29 October 2012

OverlaySandy is on track to attack the East Coast with hurricane force winds, high storm surge, flooding rain, and snow.

Mish / Mike Shedlock – EU Bureaucracy Has Lost Control Of Italy; Social Mood Turns Black – 29 October 2012

In Italy, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi waged a full frontal attack on technocrat prime minister Mario Monti, Germany, Angela Merkel and the EU imposed austerity during a 1.5 hours press conference near Milan.

The problem for Brussels is Berlusconi can force a vote because by withdrawing his support to Monti’s government. Continue reading