Laura – How To Utilize The October 2012 Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy And Mercury Retrograde – 29 October 2012

Just a heads up and reminder: energy is energy, and you can influence its direction. If you have any situations or relationships that have long outworn their usefulness, you can do yourself and the East Coast a favor by siphoning off some of Hurricane Sandy’s energy and using it to clear out what no longer serves in your own life.

The massive influx of energies on the East Coast right now could use a little buffering. I’ve posted before that attempting to tone down something expansive presents a much larger challenge than focusing on what you do want. Spending too much focus on Sandy will only increase her force. If you do want a clearing, then you can work with the power of this storm to wash away whatever stands in your way.

Tonight we’ve got what some people have called the “most powerful Full Moon of 2012.” Although Full Moon’s traditionally support increase, this particular Full Moon shares a Taurus/Scorpio connection that emphasizes clearing away what you no longer want or need. Pluto, god of the underworld, rules Scorpio. Anything dark, deep and ugly comes up for reevaluation. Can you say, “Shadow Work”? Venus rules Taurus, and this Full Moon in Taurus offers a chance to ground, earth and tangibly replace the old with the preferred new.

Feng shui, the method of redecorating to increase beneficial Chi (life force energy) in one’s home, literally means, “Wind and Water.” Sounds like a hurricane to me! What’s the first step of feng shui? Decluttering. Use all that wind and water to declutter your life on whatever levels need a good scrub. You’ll appreciate all the fresh, new, positive energy when it has somewhere to move into your life.

Following the Full Moon, we have Mercury Retrograde, beginning on November 6. Although many people dread Mercury Rx, these times offer potent opportunities for resolving old things. If you want to make the most of this next week, then I suggest you set your intentions now for removal and resolution. Then invite some of that excess Hurricane Sandy energy to wash away the junk. File any required paperwork and have any needed conversations finished as far before November 6 as possible. Trust that the Universe will support your desire to Let. It. Go. Gale force winds: take it away! link to original article

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