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John Ward – Now PASOK Joins Souvelis Is Withdrawing Coalition Support – 29 October 2012

Venizelos…squeezing out of the door

Yesterday afternoon Pasok leaders told Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras that they will join the Souvelis-led Democratic Left Party in refusing to support any law giving way to the Troika’s demands for the repeal of labour laws, the marriage allowance, and government job cuts. I am also told that collective bargaining laws and an open MP veto of certain privatisations remain as sticking points. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 29 October 2012

If you are more in touch with spiritual insights and philosophical beliefs right now, there is a cosmic reason. Not only did we just have a potent Full Moon, but elements of our very nature are joining forces in new ways. It’s akin to sitting down with a higher-power life coach who will guide you to sense and cultivate weaker areas of your life and turn them into supporting pillars of Self existence. The cosmic tide is high, and now is the perfect time to allow all the unified Love that has been filtering in to transform any fragments of separate-ness that are making you feel less-than or excluded. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – TSA Pulls Naked Body Scanners Out Of Key Airports; Still Refuses To Submit To Third-Party Safety Testing

airports(NaturalNews) After months of complaints, negative feedback, bad press and no small amount of controversy, the Transportation Security Administration has announced it will begin removing its naked body scanners out of key airports around the country.

Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security – which oversees the TSA – made the decision in recent days to pull the scanners from New York City’s LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International airports. Continue reading

Sylvia Hui – Gary Glitter Arrested: Pop Star Reportedly In Custody In Connection With Jimmy Savile Case – 29 October 2012

Gary Glitter Arrested

LONDON — Police investigating child sex abuse allegations against the late BBC television host Jimmy Savile arrested former glam rock star and convicted sex offender Gary Glitter on Sunday, British media reported, raising further questions about whether Savile was at the center of a broader pedophile ring. Continue reading

Moti Nissani – Who Killed Lucia and Leo Krim? – 29 October 2012

Did Corporate Media Coverage of a $43 Trillion Lawsuit Lead to the Heinous Stabbing  of Two Young Children?


Lucia Krim (above), aged 6, and her brother Leo, aged 2, died from multiple stab wounds.  Their mutilated bodies were found in the bathtub of their home, “with their nanny unconscious on the bathroom floor and holding a bloody knife.Continue reading

Sophia Love – Eyes Of Agape – 29 October 2012

PictureThis is our fourth Quest day.  It’s been a different journey, interrupted and intensely personal.  A good thing, for that is more like life, a series of interruptions into a very personal string of moments. Perhaps this month we’ll go places we haven’t before, off the beaten track. Continue reading

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Spiritual Rapture A Contemplation – 29 October 2012

Uploaded on 28 October by RadiantlyHappy (Lucas : I corrected the title as it was not And contemplation but A contemplation. ALSO write Ute’s name right when you copy the message it is UTE POSSEGA-RUDEL, wiht double SS in it, it is just a courtesy to the writer and channeler.) Continue reading

Dutchsinse – Canada 7.7M Earthquake UPDATE – 29 October 2012

Uploaded on 28 October 2012 by UPDATE from 28 October 2012 Continue reading

TheIntelHub – Andrew Gavin Marshall – The Global Banking ‘Super-Entity’ Drug Cartel: The “Free Market” Of Finance Capital – 29 October 2012

I would like to introduce you, the reader, to some realities of our global banking system, resting on the rhetoric of free markets, but functioning, in actuality, as a global cartel, a “super-entity” in which the world’s major banks all own each other and own the controlling shares in the world’s largest multinational corporations, influence governments and policy with politicians in their back pockets, routinely engaging in fraud and bribery, and launder hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money, not to mention arms dealing and terrorist financing. Continue reading

TheEconomicCollapseBlog – Michael – The $100 Billion Storm : 17 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Sandy – 29 October 2012

Meteorologists are warning that Hurricane Sandy could potentially be the worst storm to hit the east coast of the United States in 100 years. Do you remember “the perfect storm” back in 1991? That storm was so bad that Hollywood made a blockbuster movie starring George Clooney about it. Well, this storm is going to be much worse. When I first heard about Hurricane Sandy, I didn’t make that much of it. Continue reading