Sophia Love – Eyes Of Agape – 29 October 2012

PictureThis is our fourth Quest day.  It’s been a different journey, interrupted and intensely personal.  A good thing, for that is more like life, a series of interruptions into a very personal string of moments. Perhaps this month we’ll go places we haven’t before, off the beaten track.It seems this trip was destined from the start to be a new sort of Quest. We began on the Day of Decision.  We are looking for Agape.  What has to be decided here?  It isn’t whether or not we WANT to love ourselves; we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.  It’s not whether or not we CAN love; each one of us is capable.  You were born with the ability to love.  What we are deciding is whether or not we WILL.  It’s a choice we each make privately.

Agape has always been here, hiding in plain sight.  We began our Quests a year and a half ago because we didn’t know.  It seemed our world, our lives, were chock full of reasons and people and situations making us miserable.  We were never told to love ourselves.  It seemed the world was out to get us.

Love came quietly and crept at first in through our bathroom mirrors.  We forgave the only one we could.  By looking into our own eyes and searching for some gentleness, we began to see the truth.  It starts with you.

There is only one who can complete this journey; only you know which path to take.  Your inner voice whispers; only you can hear your own protests.  Just as you arrived with a heart full of unique gifts, you’ve carried your own sack of guilt and another of NO.  These you are looking to leave behind.  They are weighing you down and preventing you from succeeding.

For anything that does not feel like love – is fear.  We are days away from Halloween here in the USA, a time for disguises.  They make some really good ones now, let’s look at some of the best – disappointment, sadness, remorse, guilt, anger, blame, judgment, frustration, impatience, intolerance, rage, hate,  subservience, worship(rather than honor), obedience(rather than cooperation), hate, cruelty, low self esteem, worry, dissatisfaction, expectation(could be high or low), requirements, conditions, self loathing, disgust, ridicule… Each of these hides fear.  Beneath these masks you’ll find the same thing, every time.  If you add mutual respect to any of these commonly used phrases, they become a different thing altogether.  It takes courage to remove them.

You may have heard that FEAR is an acronym in English for “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  Well, if we take a step further we can see that all around us is illusion, until you see through eyes of Agape.  You are not this body – you are love.  All fear, regardless of mask, is fear of loss.  As an infinite spark of divinity, there is nothing you are capable of losing.  All that you are is love.

This human suit with your current mask is a vehicle.  Its purpose is to get you someplace.  You are headed for Truth.  You’ll find it by removing your mask and seeing what it is you are afraid of.  Then let it go.

There is nothing to lose in Agape.  Life without the mask is weird, but only for a moment.  You see, the words you’ve been whispering have not been heard by us.  They have been for your ears only.  Our ears are saturated with our own reasons for our own masks.  We look at you and see only love.  The mask you wear is only visible in your own mirror.

Remove the mask and what you’ll find is you.  He is brave and brilliant, she is beautiful and gentle.  You are One.  The fear you’ve been protecting with your mask isn’t real.  Only love is real.

Do something fearless.  Look into that mirror with eyes of Agape.  You are perfection.  There is nothing to hide.  There is only that which you are beneath the mask.  You are love.  It is your truth that propels us all.

I am so glad you have joined us.   You are the One we’ve been waiting for!

With so much love,


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