Ron Van Dyke – My Rebuilt Heart Is 10 Years Old – 30 October 2012

Uploaded by paradoxman316 on 30 October 2012 Yesterday, I received a gift in the mail from my friend, Kelly, who lives in southern Alberta, Canada. It’s a hand-made, beaded necklace with a heart. How appropriate! It was on this very date in 2002 that I went into the operating room and had my chest cut open. Dr. Malias and Dr. Green performed their first ever Ross Procedure, an open-heart, valve replacement surgery. The cut out both main valves, the aortic and pulmonary. My aortic valve was hardening; so they replaced it with my own pulmonary valve. Then they sewed a human donor valve in the pulmonary position. This was a little over six months after I had died the previous April. I will talk about this today, the 10th anniversary of my heart surgery.

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