Visionkeeper – Keep Holding The Light – 30 October 2012

Good Morning to all. I just wanted to check in quickly to say all is well. The wind gusts shook the house violently last night and the rain poured down but everything is still in one piece. I will not be posting today. Not only am I brain-dead at this point, but I am trying hard to quell the anger within over what has been done again to innocent people. The hype continues on TV and it frankly makes me want to scream. So I will stay silent today before I get myself in trouble. It is getting more and more difficult to be awake and see so many still asleep and accepting all they are being told. Nothing is as it seems. So I send prayers out to all those who lost family and homes and I pray all these lies come to an end very soon. Hold the light!   VK link to original article

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