Laura Bruno – Happy Halloween! – 31 October 2012

Halloween is also known as Samhain (pronounced sow-en), and serves as a marker of the Celtic New Year. On this evening when the veils between worlds thin, we can more easily bring magic and awareness into our own lives. The year 2012 itself has shown a rapid thinning of the old veils that allowed corrupt bankers, politicians, and corporations to operate without restraint. No more! From Proposition 37 to label genetically engineered foods, to the LIBOR scandal about rigged interest rates, to scientific studies debunking vaccines, to daily revelations about the effects of money in politics, average people are beginning to see past the carefully managed smoke and mirrors.

But beyond the scandals and deception rests an even deeper truth — one of inherent goodness, love and regeneration. This truth likewise refuses to remain silent or hidden. We get to choose what kind of world we live in. As we unmask the crumbling systems, wooden-stake societal vampires, and bring light into the shadows, we can also bring light to treats. Trick or treat? We’ve already had the tricks. For far too long. I encourage everyone to claim the treats. Dream big. Imagine a new costume for yourself, even if that “costume” means finally stepping into your own truth and sharing it with the world. Taste the fruits of your inner labors. Bob for the apples of healing and success. You deserve the best this year. Have fun and enjoy those treats!

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Happy Samhain … may this Celtic New Year bring you all you desire to be and see in this and all the worlds. Much love … Laura link to original article


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