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The Hopi Prophecy Of The Coming 5th Age & Blue & Red Star Kachina’s – 1 November 2012

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NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Study : Roundup And Other Pesticides Directly Linked To Parkinson’s, Neurodegenerative Disorders – 1 November 2012

Parkinson(NaturalNews) The dangers associated with pesticide exposure are much more far-reaching than previously thought, as illustrated by a shocking study recently published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology. It turns out that chronic exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup formula, the active ingredient of which is glyphosate, as well as too many other common pesticides and herbicides is one of the primary environmental factors responsible for causing neurodegenerative disorders in humans. Continue reading


We Declare Peace On Earth! Volume 2 – 1 November 2012

We Declare Peace on Earth!Please enjoy and share our new video! Thank you to Everybody for standing up in Love and Light.
We LOVE you!

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Please send in your Declaration of World Peace today. Mail your video clip to sendphotoforvideo@gmail.com Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Shambala Is Here : Play And Explore JOY-Fully!! Are You Ready To “Go Places??” – 1 November 2012

Yesterday was a very interesting end to a very interesting month!  At first blush, I would have said we didn’t get much in the way of information, until I realized just how wrong I was about that!

My first three readings of the day unfolded back to back to back, some, with only 15  minutes in between (mostly due to really great conversations!)  My fourth reading of the day wasn’t until 2pm in my world…. a stretch across time to Australia which was already in the timeline of Nov 1st.  Granted, 7am on Nov 1st… But November none the less. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece Exclusive: Samaras Spearheads New Centre Party As Tsipras Courts The Americans – Syriza And Golden Dawn Still Growing, PASOK Down To 4% – 1 November 2012

Tsipras…extraordinary move towards the Americans

As predicted at The Slog’s Smoke Signals column two weeks ago, I have confirmation this morning that Antonis Samaras and other Greek luminaries are being encouraged to join him in a Centre Party that would take in the social democrat left and the great bulk of New Democracy supporters. But in an even more dramatic development, Alexis Tsipras the Syriza Leftist leader is engaging with the US presence in Greece to firm up the offer of a real alternative to the EU for Greece in the future. Continue reading

Lucas – Come And Be Creative, Co-Creating And Sharing Your Oneness With All – 1 November 2012

In again a lot of stories being showing singularity and synchronicity is what I have been seeing this past days.  A short pause is now granted to us to integrate the energies that have come in and are coming fast again in probably tonight or tomorrow morning. It feels today like a rest day. Continue reading

The Celestial Team – Crossing the Threshold – Winter 2012 – (2 Parts Video) – 1 November 2012

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Visionkeeper – Let Your Spirit Run Free – 1 November 2012

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It is time to cut our umbilical cords connected to the illusion and let our spirits fly free at last. We are beings of energy and if our energy gets stuck we get sick, we get limited and we stop growing. We need to be free to expand and explore and embrace our lives on all levels. Continue reading

RT – Why Would Terrorist Send Anthrax To People Opposing The Patriot Act? – 1 November 2012

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2 Minutes News – 1 November 2012

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