Lucas – Come And Be Creative, Co-Creating And Sharing Your Oneness With All – 1 November 2012

In again a lot of stories being showing singularity and synchronicity is what I have been seeing this past days.  A short pause is now granted to us to integrate the energies that have come in and are coming fast again in probably tonight or tomorrow morning. It feels today like a rest day.

But what I wanted to talk about is what people should be  taking to heart now. I see people who have been crossing with a lot of us on the 21 October 2012 having a problem manifesting the 5D possibilities of what we all want in the now here become our new reality.  It is still that people fall back and forget about creating is imagining and visualizing a new reality. It is about being creative from the heart not from the mind. Also that EGO is still often in the way and is gonna interfere and pull you back in thinking from the head or believing things can not be really coming true if imagined from the heart.

We need to get really to surrender our head and thinking and our ego to our unconditional loving heart and know not belief all is and comes in oneness what we do, create, write, speak, imagine. See all is possible. See it and know that is the only way to change all from inside outwards also in changing all that is outside of you. That makes why being in the now in your heart manifesting truly will be manifested and even it will be manifested quicker if we do it for the better of all and in all together as a team. It is time to unite in our oneness and get manifesting, co-creating and co-imagening what is our new reality now in 5D.  What happens in 3D now will be effected by the changes we manifest.

For those still believing in the 3D illusion  and for those illusionary lightworkers that  still not have shifted from their head into their heart but just talk about it as if it is real, they see nothing more than the reflection of 3D and the EGO. Letting go is what still is key. Feel your hearts calling to be in unity and oneness with your hearts unconditional love and know that in this way there can not be EGO anymore. Then you can also unite with all that is and all others in true unity. We must now be acting and living already the life we wanna live in unconditional love and oneness in 5D in the now.  That means also no more saying to be, or saying to be a bit, it is now being in or out of this 5D reality we are creating.

Chose in the coming month to make these steps in your life if you wanna live the true you in the new paradigm and help creating it.  We reach out to you and wanna see you all take the opportunity you are given. Still it is a free will choice. We can not force nor trick you into that what you really need to do yourself. You need to  stand behind your own choice.  The shift you will make and you will get their with all already shifting. It is just the way it is.  Go for it and know what ever you  do or chose we still are unconditionally loving  you.

Be One with us and unite and help your new reality in 5D to be created.  Come and be creative, co-creating and sharing your Oneness with all.

Love and light,


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