Sophia Love – You! – 1 November 2012


We’ve reached the final day of this Quest!  It has been quite an adventure.  Focused on making it real, these last ten days did not disappoint.  We’ve “weathered the storm” beautifully!Congratulations.  You have done it.  You are moving from talking the talk to walking the talk – Agape is in your pocket.  You realize now the truth of your divinity. You may forget once in awhile and that’s okay, we are in new territory.  It takes a while to completely understand this foreign landscape.  Your internal GPS was only recently re-programmed. It’s no longer about how long things take or how much things are “worth”.  The value is found in the doing, not just in the result.  The worth is measured in your heart, and held there always.

What does life look like through eyes of Agape?  It looks like “Yes!”  You see co-operation, collaboration, unity and friendship.  Your days expand in unsuspecting ways.  The people in line for the cashier become opportunities to connect.  You are never bored and always looking around for someone to smile at, offer a helping hand or listening ear.  Life is full.

Oh, you’ll be tempted to ignore us but we are relentless!  We are everywhere you go, gifting you with opportunities to love and experience oneness.  This is a life of unity, a journey in the “next dimension”.  Your walls are down; you’ve embraced us rather than shield yourself from us.

In this land of Agape, all is One.  The old rules don’t apply.  Everyone is “out of the box”.  You’ve been getting ready for this your whole life.  You’re finally here!  There is no one who knows better than you how much love you are capable of sharing – you are an infinite expression of agape.

The difference today is that you can see it; your eyes are open.  You’ll walk into this final month of 2012, this “Year of Revelation”, with clarity and conviction.  You are love.  Agape is where you start.  With every interaction and each conversation, all thoughts return to this.  There are no questions that you can’t answer with love.  Your method is uniquely suited to the specific spark of Source that is you.

YOU!  An amazing singular expression of all that is good.  Look into your beautiful eyes and smile, for there you’ll see the eyes of Agape.  Love, Love, Love yourself.  There is none like you anywhere else.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for!

It has been an honor to journey with you.

Much love and many blessings,


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