Visionkeeper – Let Your Spirit Run Free – 1 November 2012


It is time to cut our umbilical cords connected to the illusion and let our spirits fly free at last. We are beings of energy and if our energy gets stuck we get sick, we get limited and we stop growing. We need to be free to expand and explore and embrace our lives on all levels.

I was watching different people discussing their experiences in Hurricane Sandy and I noticed it was the folks who were able to let go of what they no longer have that were weathering the storm the best. We seem to still be so fearful of letting go because we fear that is all we have and see it as a limitation. Instead we need to look at situations with the openness of knowing and believing that what we may have lost can be restored in one fashion or another, because the universe always provides us with what we need. It may not be the same as what we had before, but more often times than not it turns out to be better than what we had before. We just have to have the faith that if we let go all will be well.

This holding on to the old ways is creating much unrest both within and without. Our spirit knows we must let go to run free yet we continue to cling out of fear and lack of belief in our world around us. It has been hard to maintain that belief in our world as it has been tossed upside down and the rug has been yanked out from under us and we have been lied to and oppressed, but we must continue to believe. To not believe we weaken ourselves and set ourselves adrift in a volatile sea of fear. Look around you at those people who appear to be making it right now and actually look peaceful. These are the believers, the beings that stay in their hearts and go with the flow. If we look and see we will know for ourselves that it is possible to believe and have life support us. Our world need not be chaos if we detach from the illusions.

This letting go, this separating from the illusion is not easy. Most of us are still struggling to untangle ourselves in various ways, the hold on us is very strong and we have been taught to believe our lives are steeped in scarcity. We were never taught how the universe provides for us all if we just ask. We were taught we had to work for every single thing we had and if we lost it we would have to work overtime to replace it, if we even could. This is not how the universe operates, this is how the dark ones operate. The universe will work with you if you are willing to work with it. It is important to learn how to manifest and bring into our lives what we need.

It would appear that the first thing we need to do to get out of the illusion is to anchor ourselves in a strong belief system. If you don’t believe in something there is no chance in seeing it materialize. We have to believe in ourselves and in the universe from the very core of our hearts. This is an area that is demanding a great deal of our time and efforts right now. As I said, it is not easy to undo things we have believed in forever, it takes a conscious effort on our part to make the switch and release these lies we have lived under for so long. We do not live in a world of scarcity, we have the power to change things and we can believe in a new way of living life, if we help ourselves release the old.

Sandy may indeed be able to change how people see the world. Take a look at what is going on. The lines for gasoline and cell phone charging are calm and orderly, it is the news that is trying to create disorder by suggesting looting will now begin. Don’t listen to this garbage, Can you not see they are setting ideas into place to be forth coming? If you are in the storm ravaged areas, please try with all your might to remain calm. The whole country is behind you. No we are not walking and suffering in your shoes, but our hearts and love are with you, you are not alone. This is as good a time as any to show the Government we can help each other, we can be there for each other, and we will survive with or without them! Stay strong, stay in your hearts, know creator is watching over you and know the hearts of all the American people are open and filled with love for you.

Blessings to you all,

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2 responses to “Visionkeeper – Let Your Spirit Run Free – 1 November 2012

  1. Very well said. Stuck in Soho with no power other than a battery powered radio and a few charges left for my iPhone from my Hypermac storage unit… I did allow myself to think how looting would be so easy now here in this luxury filled neighborhood …this morning as I walked down 6 flights of stairs to walk my dog, I immediately was shocked by ENOOUSLY long Chemtrails crisis crossing the entire sky above NYC …. And my spirits soared to see them being devoured by our Galactic allies.

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